Is It Safe and Legit to Watch Anime Online at Anime Heaven?

Anime fans may watch the latest and greatest episodes of their favorite shows and movies for free on AnimeHeaven. Meanwhile, using a media downloader, you may get anime from the site. The two excellent AnimeHeaven downloaders are right here.

Anime from AnimeHeaven can only be downloaded using the XServer. However, this server does not support many of the episodes found on this website. To download anime from AnimeHeaven, you’ll need to use a third-party video downloader, which may seem more complex than the direct download method at first, but is actually rather simple once you find the correct video downloader.

It is recommended that you use either Internet Download Manager (IDM) or 9xbuddy for this download. To get started downloading anime from AnimeHeaven, please refer to the instructions below.

Anime Heaven Download with IDM is Step 1 (IDM)

For Windows users, IDM is a well-regarded download manager. It supports a wide range of online media formats and boasts a rapid download speed. Most popular sites also offer support for IDM. IDM’s browser integration function is great since it automatically creates download links for media files it finds on a website. You’ll just be one mouse click away from downloading the file.

Anime Heaven Download with IDM is Step 1 (IDM)

In addition, IDM lets you prioritize particular downloads and schedule them at a later time. IDM has the ability to seamlessly recover and continue a download if it is interrupted for any reason, even a shaky Internet connection.

Download AnimeHeaven video

When you’ve got it set up, head over to to look for the shows you want to watch and then play them on your smartphone. If you move your mouse pointer over the video player, Internet Download Manager will provide a “Download this video” option.

When you click the button, a Download File Info window will appear where you may change where the anime will be saved, as well as verify its final size and type (usually in .ts video format). After that, select the Download button.

Downloading an entire series necessitates downloading each episode individually using the methods outlined above. Fortunately, AnimeHeaven allows for bulk downloads and boasts download speeds up to five times quicker than the competition.

The Internet Download Manager is now available as shareware. It offers a free trial for 30 days.

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Second Method: 9xbuddy Anime Heaven Download Online.

What was outlined above is guaranteed to provide positive results? You may try this internet downloader, 9xbuddy, if you run into problems downloading or if you just want another option. This service accepts URLs from a broad variety of video-hosting websites and downloads the videos directly to your computer.

Following this guide on 9xbuddy, you can easily download anime from AnimeHeaven.

Copy the URL

Step 1. In order to get the video URL, you need to open the episode in question.

Step 2. Copy the URL above, then go to 9xbuddy and click the Download button.

Choose a server for downloading

Step 3: 9xbuddy will identify all the servers used to host the anime videos on AnimeHeaven throughout the URL analysis process. Select a server to retrieve the data.

If you see a message that reads, “This Page has no download links or is temporarily prohibited. Please try again later,” it will take you back to the previous page where you may choose a different server.

AnimeHeaven download

Step 4: Choose the MP4 format, then hit the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button. For some reason, 9xbuddy’s download button might be slow to click. You may now try both of the AnimeHeaven downloaders for yourself and get your anime downloads done quickly and easily.