Why Is My Safari Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It?

Safari is still the most popular and widely used browser for iOS users, even if iPhones and iPads can access the Web with other apps. Safari troubleshooting can be irritating, particularly if the problems you’re experiencing keep you from looking for a solution online.

If Safari on an iPad isn’t working, here’s how to fix it.

Reasons Why iPad Safari Isn’t Working

There are numerous reasons why Safari could not be functioning on the iPad. To find out what went wrong, use these troubleshooting steps.

You are using an outdated iPad. You can experience difficulties loading common programs, including Safari if your iPad is out of date. You are not online. It would appear as though Safari is the problem if your iPad is not connected to the internet because Safari will not load any websites.

A serious issue is with your iPad. There might be more going on with your iPad than just one app if it refuses to run any apps, including Safari.

Methods for Resolving iPad Safari Issues

Your ability to access the internet is significantly restricted if your iPad refuses to open Safari or if it loads incorrectly. Here’s how to resolve the iPad Safari not working issue.

Turn your iPad back on. Restarting or rebooting the gadget in question resolves a lot of frequent problems. To possibly solve Safari, restart your iPad.

Verify your internet connection. If your iPad is a Wi-Fi model, make sure you are linked to an internet-connected Wi-Fi network. Verify that your iPad is functioning properly and has a signal if it has a cellular connection. Toggle the switch next to “Safari is On” after selecting Settings > Cellular.

Verify that Airplane mode is on. Verify whether your iPad is set to Airplane mode. In that case, internet browsing is not possible for you.

Verify any content limitations. If your iPad has parental controls enabled, they can prevent you from accessing Safari for web browsing. To make sure this isn’t the problem, check the settings.

why is my safari not working

Delete all of your internet history. Try clearing your browsing history to see if it helps Safari function better if it opens but is unresponsive.

Turn off Safari’s suggestions. Safari crashes occasionally as a result of suggestions. Try turning them off by going to Settings > Safari > and flipping the Safari Suggestions switch off.

Give your iPad an update. The most recent iPadOS update might be necessary to fix any problems if you haven’t updated your device in a long time. While it’s easy to accomplish, the updating procedure may take some time to finish.

Your iPad should be reset. Although restoring your iPad to factory settings erases all of your data, doing so occasionally fixes fundamental problems that earlier fixes haven’t been able to address.

Reach out to Apple. Your iPad can have a hardware problem if none of the aforementioned fixes resolve the problem. The visit and repair can be free if you still have AppleCare+ or a residual warranty.

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On the iPad, how can I resolve the “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid” error?

Making sure you’re typing the right URL should be your first step. Try locating a link instead of typing it by hand. Try manually inputting the URL if you’re following one. You should try again later as the website might be unavailable.

How can I repair iPad Safari cache files that are corrupted?

Delete all of your Safari data; that’s the best way. To clear the history and website data, go to Settings > Safari.