Is Dylan Minnette Gay? Unraveling The Actor’s Sexuality

Is Dylan Minnette Gay? Dylan Minnette has become one of the actors with the maximum demand in Hollywood with his charming personality, die-for face, and spectacular acting skills. Ladies can’t keep calm around Dylan Minnette and no, we aren’t exaggerating.

However, recently people have been curious about something related to the actor. This event broke thousands of hearts of young girls who have a crush on Dylan Minette and have been living with him in their delusional world. Well, fans recently found out that the actor is a strong LGBTQ supporter and began making assumptions about the star being gay.

Keep reading to know the truth behind the star’s sexuality. Is Dylan Minnette gay or people are just being overdramatic over him showing support for the LGBTQ+ community?

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Is Dylan Minnette Gay?

is dylan minnette gay

No, Dyman Minnette is not gay. The speculations arose after fans found Dylan Minnette supporting the gay community. In 2020, the star took up his Twitter account to request his fans to vote for the passing of gay marriage. He did it as a strong ally. However, people took it the other way around assuming that he is in a serious relationship with a man.

It is ridiculous to assume someone’s sexuality unless they come out of the closet. Even if Dylan Minnette was gay, we shall not put the [pressure on him to out his sexuality. Anyways, looking at his dating history, it is quite understandable that the star is not gay.

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Dylan Minnette Dating History

is dylan minnette gay

Dylan Minnette, the 13 Reasons Why star, has dated publicly thrice in the course of his career, His first date was Katherine Langford. However, their relationship ended even before people could get a glimpse of it and the details of their relationship and breakup have been kept under the covers.

He then dated Kerris Dorsey for several months in 2014. The pair dated for a brief moment and there is not much information available about their relationship. After this, Dylan remained single for about four years before meeting his long-term girlfriend, Lydia Night.

People loved this couple. However, they broke the internet with the news of their separation in 2022. The two announced their breakup on the social media platform after several rumors regarding the ‘reason they might have broken up’ started spreading through the internet.

“I’ve seen a lot of speculation and I’d rather just clarify: Dylan and I have decided to end our romantic relationship. we love and care about each other very much and that won’t change as we enter a new phase of our lives. Please respect our privacy during this time.”