Is Key From SHINee Gay? Truth Or Troll?

Is Key From SHINee Gay? SHINee is a popular South Korean K-pop boy group under SM Entertainment. The group debuted in May 2008 and has held people’s hearts captivated since then. There are four members in the group – Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin. Earlier Jonhyun also used to be a part of the group.

K-pop idols are often made targets of controversies and rumors surrounding their sexuality and dating life. This is exactly what has happened with the members of SHINee as well. Here, we are to answer one such rumor claiming that Key from SHINee is gay.

Keep reading the article to know the truth behind the most asked question about the star, Is Key from SHINee gay or is it a false alarm that resulted from homophobia and trolling?

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Is Key From SHINee Gay?

is key from shinee gay

No, Key from SHINee is not gay. It is not new for K-pop idols to become the target of such groundless rumors. The rumors have emerged from trolling by haters and are furthered by some fans who indulge in taking ‘shipping idols’ to an extreme level, ignoring the privacy and emotions of the idol.

In one thread posted online, it was claimed that SHINee is not gay, and in fact, he is a macho man. Further, Key has never addressed the rumors of him being gay, and neither has any official statement been released by his company, SM Entertainment.

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Who Is Key From SHINee Dating?

is key from shinee gay

Key’s love life has been kept away from the camera. It is common in South Korea for idols to sign contracts with their respective agencies with a clause that they would either not date anyone or would not make their relationship public.

During an interview with Campus 10 magazine in 2013, Key revealed to have been feeling extra special and has been receiving a lot of love. According to CelebsCouples, Key has had at least one relationship in the past but the whereabouts of the same have never been mentioned.