Is BTS Gay Band? Homophobia And Cyber Bullying At Peak!

Is BTS Gay Band? It is the Biggest Boyband In The World we are talking about right now- BTS. The band grew from nothingness and is now ruling not only the K-pop world but the International music charts. It is not new for BTS to make it to the headlines with the enormous amount of talent the group of seven possesses.

It is also not new for them to be portrayed as gay, and subject to trolls regarding their sexuality. The rumors about BTS being Gay as the band has been in the air since the Hallyu wave first hit in 2017.

Keep reading the article till the end to know if BTS is a gay band. The article also covers how homophobia combined with xenophobia has led to this horrendous outcome of Korean actors and stars being portrayed as gay.

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Is BTS Gay Band?

is bts gay band

No, BTS is not a gay band. BTS- Bangtan Sonyeondan- is a global band with a very strong fan base. In fact, ARMY has won the Best Fan Award for consecutive years from 2018 to 2022. But with this came the long list of haters and trollers. The rumors of BTS being gay were spread y haters and trollers on social media. The prime base of the rumors lies in appearance and fashion sense. This directly indicates towards homophobia and xenophobia.

Moreover, some fanfictions also portray romantic and rather sexual relationships between members and portray the seven members as gay. Although some fans enjoy reading such fanfictions and support the creativity of the author, it is also crucial to understand the negative impact it might have on the artists.

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BTS Breaking Taboos

is bts gay band

BTS has time and again shown support to the LGBTQ+ community. Not only the queer community, but various ethnicities, races, as well as people with special abilities, have found space in the fandom.

Whether it be the members discussing Asian representation and addressing the anti-Asian hate crimes in the USA in the White House, or including sign language as the choreography in their song, BTS has never disappointed fans. The inclusive nature of the fandom is what makes it different. BTS has also shown direct and indirect support to LGBTQ+ artists and has been spotted wearing outfits with LGBTQ+ symbols. This, however, does not mean that the members are associated with the community. However, even if the members were to come out of the closet as gay, ARMY would definitely support them and love them all the same.