Is George Sear Gay? On-Screen Chemistry with Michael Cimino Sparks Gay Rumors!

Is George Sear gay? George Sear, a British actor who works in both television and cinema, gained notoriety for his role as Benji in the 2018 movie Love, Simon spin-off Love, Victor on Hulu.

After effortlessly portraying a gay character in the teen drama series Love, Victor, the actor’s sexuality has been a topic of debate among fans with many believing he is gay in real life too.

So, is George Sear really gay? Or these rumors are just baseless? Let’s not waste time and dive straight into the article to find out the truth about Love, Victor’s fame’s sexuality.

Is George Sear Gay?

is george sear gay

No, George Sear is not gay as per Digital Spy. He is often mistaken as gay due to his portrayal of the character Benji, a gay teenager, in the teen romantic drama series Love, Victor.

The on-screen chemistry between George and his co-star Michael Cimino, who plays Victor, is undeniably brilliant, leading to speculation about their sexualities.

However, it’s important to clarify that George Sear is straight, as he has explicitly mentioned in numerous interviews. It’s a testament to his talent as an actor that he convincingly brought Benji’s character to life.

However, it’s essential to separate his on-screen portrayal from his personal life. George Sear’s sexual orientation should be respected as he has openly addressed the matter and affirmed his heterosexuality.

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George Sear Is an Ally of The LGBTQ Community

is george sear gay

George is aware of the problem with casting heterosexual actors in LGBT roles. However, he has been quite enthusiastic about the opportunity presented by his post to raise concerns affecting members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

George stated, “I feel really proud to be part of a show that has such a great message for the LGBTQ community,” in an interview with attitude. I’m simply really appreciative that I get to take part in it.

When you can work on a project that truly could mean anything to someone, I think that’s fantastic. If anyone sees the program and learns anything about being yourself from it, I think that’s amazing.

George has also discussed the anxiety that comes with coming out of the closet. George stated in a different interview that “the main reason we don’t do the things we want to is because we feel constrained by fear of what others will think.”

He continued by saying that comments should not have any weight if people cannot accept someone for who they are. The actor thinks that by paying tribute to the LGBTQIA+ community through his portrayal, he would encourage more individuals to come out about their sexuality without inhibition.

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Who Is George Sear Dating?

is george sear gay

George Sear is not dating anyone as of now. For his followers, George Sear’s romantic past has always been a mystery. George is an extremely secretive person who likes to keep his personal affairs hidden.

Therefore, the actor hasn’t said or shared anything online regarding a significant other. Additionally, there is no indication of a love relationship on his social media pages. Additionally, there are no records connecting George Sear to a particular person.

Therefore, it appears that George Sear is now unmarried and is devoting his entire concentration to advancing his burgeoning acting career. He has our sincere best wishes for the future.