Is Karen Gillan Pregnant? Nebula From Guardians Of The Galaxy Is Going To Welcome Her First Child?

Is Karen Gillan Pregnant? The international star known for her admirable role as Nebula, a powerful yet complex character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Guardians of the Galaxy, is hiding a secret and we need to decode it!

The Nebula actress suddenly became the centre of attention when fans noted her weight gain in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and the rumours about her expecting her first child haven’t shushed since.

is karen gillan pregnant

Here is the question that got everyone scratching their heads, ‘Is Karen Gillan Pregnant?’. Don’t worry, we got the answer for you from reliable sources. Keep reading till the end to know the truth.

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Is Karen Gillan Pregnant?

No, Karen Gillan is not pregnant. We conducted a thorough research and based on information gathered from reliable sources, our team has come to an conclusion that Karen Gillan is not planning to grow her family anytime soon.

The actress has not made any public statements regarding her future plans of starting a family. However, some fans have noted miniscule changes in her appearance in the recent posts she has shared on her Instagram account. Fans have noted a slight weight gain and a change in her wardrobe.

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Is Karen Gillan Married?

Yes, the worldwide star tied the knot with Nick Kocher, an American comedian better knoen as the ‘other-half’ of the comedy duo BriTANick. The two held a lavish wedding ceremony at Castle Toward, Dunoon, Scotland, in May 2022. The couple had been dating secretly for years before tying a knot last year.

is karen gillan pregnant

This was, however, kept a secret from the world and it was only in November 2022 that she posted snapshots from her Scottish wedding on her social media account wearing a white Oscar de la Renta gown with a caption “Last May… 📸 by @hollyclarkphotography”.

The actress hasn’t addressed the rumours publicly and for now we can only wait for Nebula to reveal the truth about the rumours.