Is Virginia Wade Gay? Who Is She Married To?

Is Virginia Wade Gay? Virginia Wade is a former British tennis player who, at a time, also served as a coach, as well as, as a commentator. With a peak career in tennis, Virginia Wade successfully won hearts in The Egland, and all around the world with her exceptional gameplay and charms.

One question that often pops up when one searches about Virginia Wade is regarding her sexual orientation. People often wonder if Virginia Wade is gay or not and further who is her partner.

Here we are to provide answers to your questions. So, sit tight on this journey of unraveling the sexuality of the tennis fame, Virginia Wade and get a glimpse of her married life.

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Is Virginia Wade Gay?

is virginia wade gay

Yes, Virginia Wade is gay. Technically, it may be more accurate to say that Virginia Wade is lesbian. The sports star has been quite spoken about her sexuality and has always embraced her real identity.

The star who was honored with a membership of the Order of the British Empire in 1973 for her accomplishments in tennis, has also addressed her gay relationship and sexual orientation in her biography, Courting Triumph.

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Who Is Virginia Wade Married To?

is virginia wade gay

Virginia Wade is not yet married. However, she is in a committed relationship with her long-time love, Mary Lou Wallace. Wallace is an actress and a writer. She has previously acted in great television series including Law and Order (1999) and Not Fade Away (2001).

Wallace and Wade have been spotted together several times and their relationship became official with the publication of the Courting Triumph where it was revealed that they have been in a romantic relationship for years.