Is Sean Strickland Gay? Controversy Surrounding The UFC Player!

Is Sean Strickland Gay? Sean Strickland is an American mixed martial artist who is currently associated with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is profoundly known for his skills. However, controversies often surround the artist.

Recently, debates and controversies about Sean Strickland’s sexual orientation sprang up, questioning if the player is gay. While, some fans are curious to know if Sean Strickland is gay or not, others consider him to be homophobic.

Keep reading the article to get insights into the latest development in the ‘gay’ controversy surrounding the UFC player, Sean Strickland, and to know if he is gay or is these baseless rumors.

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Is Sean Strickland Gay?

is sean strickland gay

No, Sean Strickland is not gay. The rumors began with no solid proof and are completely baseless. On the contrary, many people believe that the star’s remarks and interview statements point toward his homophobic mentality.

Sean Strickland has previously been called out for his remarks on his not wanting his son to be gay. People regarded his statements to be controversial, to which, Strickland replied with an even more controversial tweet.

“How is it controversial to say I don’t want my kid to be gay??? What parent wakes up and says “man I really hope my son is gay, grandkids are over rated” lmao!!!! But hey its 2023 maybe that’s the goal.. You’re extra special if your kids gay.. very modern woke”

Many fans brought up the joke of Tarzan to tease Sean Strickland on this and asked ‘why did he kiss his teammate and friend Chris Curtis?’

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Sean Strickland Called Out For Being Homophobic And Sexist?

is sean strickland gay

The case noted above is not the only controversy Sean Strickland has been a part of. The UFC player was recently called out for making sexist comments at a press conference. According to News, the fighter talked about how women dont need to work and instead need to stay at home and raise a family.

He further went on to say that he would turn into a “cannibal” and lose the will to live if there were no women on the planet to look after him- “I’ve got to make my own food, fold my own laundry, what is the f—ing point?”