Who Is Baylen Levine Dating? Romance Spewing Between Sadie Crowell and Levine?

Who is Baylen Levine Dating: Here’s a big revelation for you!

Get a chair if you’re standing and tighten your seat belt cause this is just too exciting and might make you go weak in your knees. Here we are unravelling the mystery love life of the YouTube fame, Baylen Levine.

Who is Baylen Levine?

Ben Dover, better known by his stage name, Baylen Levine, is an American YouTube sensation and a social media personality renowned for posting videos and vlogs that leave fans gasping for air and clutching their bellies from laughing.

Baylen Levine

Born on 30 October 2000 in Roswell, Georgia, United States, Baylen is among the few young YouTubers who made it to the world of fame at a very young age. He recently completed graduation from the University of Florida, United States and by then, he was already a popular personality with a considerable fan following.

A little about his YouTube channel – well, it was previously named Benitez and he earned subscribers in no time with the extraordinarily funny prank videos he posted on YouTube. Our Favourites are the ‘Call Of Duty in the Library‘ and ‘Car Wash Hostage‘.

Who is Baylen Levine Dating?

Baylen Levine

As of 2023, Baylen Levine is single and currently not dating anyone. He sure tried to keep it under the covers but guess it wasn’t enough. Fans have been investigating through his YouTube videos and social media accounts, to get a hint of the love life of the 22-year-old YouTuber. However, all efforts have been in vain.

Baylen is quite serious about keeping his personal life out of the public eye. No details about any potential romance or relationship with Baylen Levine have been made public.

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However, when we talk about the past relationships he has had, it is quite clear that he has dated a few people in the past, however, no further information is available about his ex-partners.

Is Baylen Levin Dating Sadie Crowell?

Well, as much as we would have loved to say that it was true, especially after their vlog titled, ‘He Tried To Get Me Arrested’, it saddens us to break it to you, Sadie Crowell and Baylen Levine are not romantically involved.

Well Well Well! The ship hasn’t sunk yet. We couldn’t help but notice the chemistry between them during the vlog. There was a scene, where Baylen asked Sadie not to eat a snack offered by a friend, and to irk him, Sadie did lick the snack (Girlfriend energy IKR!). To this, Baylen exclaimed, “That’s it. I am never kissing you again.” Now this is where the ship sailed. This stirred a tsunami of ‘Are you guys dating?’ in the comment section of the video.

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Baylen Levine and Sadie Crowell

Cuteness Overloaded! We are down bad for any potential romantic relationship the two might share. So, as of 2023, Baylen Levin is single and no romance is brewing between Sadie Crowell and Baylen Levine, but we never know how things might change in the near future. Till then, we are going to support the two YouTube stars and continue to ship them secretly.

For now, let’s get ready for the ongoing Tour of the celebrity – “The Never Grow Up Tour”. The Tour started with a performance in Seattle, Washington at Neptune Theatre on 12th July 2023 and would conclude with the final performance on 30th August 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia at Buckhead Theatre.