Is Central Cee Dating Someone? Look at Who He’s Dated!

Central Cee and Madeline Argy have been in enough TikTok videos for a whole thesis, and it looks like Central Cee has a new girlfriend. TikTok users seem to have done a lot of research and found out that rapper Central Cee, who is 24 years old, is dating influencer Madeline Argy.

The two people were seen leaving a club together last week. It was thought that they were on vacation in Ibiza. Central Cee’s fans are now curious about Who Is Central Cee Dating and Who Is Central Cee’s Girlfriend 2022.

Madeline, who is 21 and from London, has more than two million followers on TikTok, where she mostly shares stories and videos about health. This article will talk about who Central Cee is seeing. so look at it!

Is Central Cee Dating Madeline Argy?

who is central cee dating

Fans think Central Cee and Madeline Argy are dating because they were seen leaving a London venue together. Madeline Argy is an influencer and TikToker who lives in London. She is known for cooking and telling stories, and more than 2 million people follow her on TikTok.

Madeline made a joke about Central Cee in a September 2022 TikTok video she made with him. As he appeared behind her, she said, “I’ve never heard of him in my life.” The website for her management says that she is 21 years old.

In the lyrics of his new song “Doja,” Cench said that the person he was seeing was bisexual. After Madeline said she is bisexual, fans put two and two together. She posted a picture of herself wearing one of the 24-year-old rapper’s hoodies. They had also been seen together.

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How Central Cee Dating Began

  • Malu Trevejo

who is central cee dating

Even though the “Loading” rapper doesn’t talk about his relationships, there have been rumors about a few women. In August 2022, Cench made a video in which he talked to an unknown woman and explained what his hit song “Doja” meant.

He said that he used to date a bisexual woman and that she was “the first real gay person I met.” The next month, the fact that Madeline Argy, a popular TikTok user, and Central Cee were dating got out to the public.

  • Liyah Mai

Central Cee was said to be seeing model and social media star, Liyah Mai. The couple started rumors when Mai uploaded a video of herself sitting in the passenger seat while Central Cee drove. In the car, the song “Loading” by Central Cee was playing. In it, he raps about a 22-year-old Instagram model.

In the song’s lyrics, the rapper says, “It’s time that I find me a wife/More often than not, I don’t have a type/But I wouldn’t mind me a Liyah Mai (okay, okay)”. Fans thought they were dating, but it was never proven.

  • Kenza Boutrif

who is central cee dating

Fans thought Central Cee and Kenza were dating because of their “chemistry” in his “Commitment Issues” music video. In February, when the video came out for the first time, the rumors spread on social media.

People thought that Central Cee and Kenza were dating in real life because Kenza was Central Cee’s love interest in the video. But neither Kenza nor Cental Cee said anything about the rumors that they were dating.