Is “The Bachelorette Star” Hanna Brown Dating Model Adam Woolard?

Although Hannah Brown did not find love on The Bachelorette, Adam Woolard and Hannah Brown’s connection has fans hoping for a happy ending

In January 2021, after observant fans recognized Woolard as the mystery man in her Nashville images that same month, the former Bachelorette, who searched for love on season 15 of the show, which aired in 2019, was first connected to him.

Days later, in Los Angeles, the couple was seen holding hands, but they didn’t announce their relationship until Valentine’s Day.

Matt James, a friend of Brown’s and a fellow star of Bachelor Nation, did, however, comment on the developing relationship in early February 2021, telling Entertainment Tonight that he had previously met the model.

Who Is Hannah Brown Dating?

who is hannah brown dating

At the end of 2020, Hannah Brown and Adam Woolard Started Dating after meeting on a dating app. In February 2021, the former reality star posted a picture of the two horseback riding in honor of Valentine’s Day, confirming the couple’s relationship. 

Since that time, Hannah and Adam have been inseparable and have shared all of their favorite experiences from the previous year. Hannah and her model boyfriend traveled the New York City for a little break at the beginning of December 2021.

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Hannah had a difficult time finding her match, but it appears that she has done so in Adam, who has a successful modeling career. Hannah has discovered her ideal partner thanks to her time on The Bachelor and her passion for more than one of her Bachelorette contestants after the show.

Adam Woolard: Who Is He?

He graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science in business administration and finance. Adam also holds an MBA Degree from Nashville, Tennessee’s Lipscomb University.

who is hannah brown dating

Adam Woolard is a private client sales director for the men’s clothing company Greg Lauren, which was established by Ralph Lauren nephew. Adam describes himself as a meditation and lifestyle coach on his Instagram feed.

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Hannah Brown And Friends Share Her Relationship With Fans in Detail

The former ABC star began to open out about her relationship in March 2021, detailing their first date in a YouTube video.

“He asked me out and it was a Mexican restaurant called Chulita. We had margaritas,” Hannah said.  It was evident that there was an “instant spark” between them when they discussed their initial impressions of one another.

who is hannah brown dating

Not to mention, Hannah’s closest friends gave Adam their blessing. In February 2021, fellow former Bachelor Nation Matt James told Entertainment Tonight:

“I couldn’t approve more. I actually had a chance to meet him, and he’s incredible. He’s a really good guy, and I’m excited for Hannah and Tyler because I think people can see they can coexist. They can be happy with people that aren’t Tyler and Hannah.”

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Days later, Hannah’s season’s runner-up Tyler Cameron, who later sparked romance rumors with the reality star, told Entertainment Tonight that he was “happy” for his ex. He said:

“We want each other to be the best person we can be. If that’s being happy with other people, then that’s what we want.”