Who Is Landon McBroom Dating? What Caused Landon And Shyla’s Breakup?

Landon Mcbroom, the YouTube sensation, was born on September 26, 1996, in California. The internet sensation has launched his YouTube channel, “THIS IS L&S,” in collaboration with popular social media personality and his ex-girlfriend, Shyla Walker. The videos were posted by the former couple between 2017 and May 2021 on their channel.

If you’re wondering what caused the couple to discontinue their YouTube channel, you’ve come to the right place! Here is all the information you need to know about Landon’s dating life!

Who Is Landon McBroom Dating?

Who Is Landon McBroom Dating?

According To Dating Celebs, The 26-Year-Old “Internet Star” Landon McBroom Is Single As Of 2023. In December 2019, Landon and Shyla welcomed Souline Amour McBroom, their first child. However, the couple split up in 2021.

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What Caused Landon And Shyla’s Breakup?

Who Is Landon McBroom Dating?

Shyla Walker and Landon have been dating since 2017 and have a YouTube channel called “THIS IS L&S” that has 2.89 million subscribers as of 2023! However, if you visit their YouTube channel, you will only find one video titled “THE END OF THIS IS L&S,” in which Shyla reveals to her fans that she and Landon will no longer be making videos together.

The video was posted on May 6, 2021. In the meantime, rumors about Landon and Shyla splitting up circulated on social media.

What Happened Between Them?

Who Is Landon McBroom Dating?

Landon McBroom was the subject of a restraining order request from Shyla Walker on June 15 for allegedly attempting to kidnap Souline. Shortly after the two announced the closure of their YouTube channel, the child was allegedly given to an employee by McBroom, with instructions to “Run Away,” as per TMZ.

According to court filings made public on June 26, 2021, Landon McBroom and Shyla Walker apparently got into a fight over finances. This resulted in the latter being physically abused repeatedly.

According to court records, Landon allegedly did not appear at the hearing to defend himself, and Joseph, a former employee, allegedly threatened Shyla and verbally abused her.

A restraining order was ultimately issued against Landon, requiring him to keep 100 feet away from Shyla and his daughter.

The couple’s impending breakup in June 2021 was subsequently explained in detail in a video that Shyla released on social media in September 2021.

The documents also showed that McBroom made a second attempt to kidnap their daughter. The restraining order has apparently been lifted by Shyla so that Souline can spend time with her father.

The former couple’s ability to co-parent their kid while putting their personal disagreements aside is still up in the air.

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What Is Landon’s Net Worth?

Who Is Landon McBroom Dating?As of 2023, the YouTube vlogger with over 250K subscribers, Landon McBroom talks about men’s fashion, clothing, grooming, hairstyles, and other things on his channel with the same name.

His YouTube channel is his primary source of revenue. As of January 2023, Landon McBroom’s estimated net worth is $540K. (Source: Biographygist).

What Is Shyla Walker Doing Now?

Shyla quickly became well-known thanks to her make-up tutorials on her YouTube channel, and she is still a popular figure on social media. She actively interacts with her followers on Instagram and has gained more than 1.3 million followers as of 2023.