Is Leeroy from Smoke and Mirrors Gay? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Is Leeroy from Smoke and Mirrors gay? In the heart of the Eastern Cape’s Kwa Bhaca region, this December, Smoke & Mirrors takes us on a gripping journey where Caesar, the central character, confronts a looming threat to his home.

The unfolding drama introduces us to Bhele, a man linked to the tragedy of Caesar’s father’s death, setting the stage for a personal war with bullets and bodies in the crossfire.

As Caesar asserts his alpha status with Ngcuka’s assistance, the narrative delves into the intricate layers of his life. To provide a deeper understanding of Caesar’s complexity, a short film airs on eMovies and eMovies Extra, complementing the weeknight broadcasts on

Amidst the intrigue, viewers are left wondering about the sexuality of Leeroy, prompting a quest for answers. As Smoke & Mirrors captivates audiences at 9 PM, this article aims to unravel the mystery surrounding Leeroy’s sexual orientation. Let’s delve into the truth behind the speculation.

Is Leeroy from Smoke and Mirrors Gay?

is leeroy from smoke and mirrors gay

Yes, Leeroy from Smoke and Mirrors is gay. In Smoke & Mirrors, the character Leeroy, portrayed by JT Medupe, adds a vibrant touch as a skilled hairstylist.

Beyond his talent with scissors and combs, Leeroy’s storyline unveils a more personal facet—he’s the clandestine lover of a wealthy and influential figure in town.

While his hairstyling prowess shines, Leeroy’s love life takes center stage, offering a glimpse into the complex dynamics of relationships in the storyline.

Despite the richness of his character’s personal connections, there remains a deliberate veil shrouding Leeroy’s overall personality, leaving viewers intrigued and eager for further revelations in this captivating narrative.

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Is JT Medupe Who Plays Leeroy Gay in Real Life?

is leeroy from smoke and mirrors gay

Contrary to the on-screen ambiguity surrounding Leeroy’s sexuality in Smoke & Mirrors, JT Medupe, the talented actor behind the character, is happily married to his wife, Lebohang Mthunzi.

In a sweet Twitter gesture in May 2020, JT publicly celebrated his wife’s birthday, offering a glimpse into their loving relationship.

Despite his character’s complex narrative, JT’s real-life commitment to his wife dispels any speculation about his own sexual orientation.

While the couple keeps certain aspects of their personal life private, such as whether they have children, JT’s public expressions of love for his wife provide a reassuring glimpse into the actor’s off-screen happiness.

As the intriguing storyline of Smoke & Mirrors unfolds on our screens, it’s clear that JT Medupe’s reality differs significantly from the character he portrays.