Take A Look At Lil Wayne’s Uniqe Collection Of Jewellery!

Lil Wayne is known for having one of the most expensive jewellery collections. Lil Wayne experienced significant success after joining the band Hot Boys in 1997, and his tracks were included on the Billboard charts.

He chose to pursue a solo career when he was barely 17 years old, and his debut album was released in 1999. After Tha Carter was released in 2004, Lil Wayne progressively broke into the mainstream and simultaneously established his record company, Young Money Entertainment.

He scooped up previously unknown musicians like Nicki Minaj and Drake, who are now some of the biggest stars in the music business. He made a fortune in 2020 when he sold the Young Money discography to Universal Music for $100 million.

His net worth has risen to the $170 million threshold throughout the years. Lil Wayne, a rapper who had a difficult career before becoming extremely successful, didn’t think twice about making pricey purchases, like real estate and cars and Lil Wayne is well known for having expensive jewellery tastes.

Chains, rings, bracelets, and other items are among his enormous collection. Lil Wayne also added important chains and rings to his collection because jewellery has a significant representation in rap culture. Let’s take a peek at Lil Wayne’s expensive jewellery collection.

This article will go over the exact costs of Lil Wayne’s jewellery and who the jewellers are:

Let’s Look At Lil Wayne’s Multi-Million Dollar Jewellery Collection

  • Young Money Necklace

After Lil Wayne became the CEO of his record label in 2007, the phrase “Young Money” has come to be associated with the rapper. Lil Wayne is the name behind the lyrics, which have been frequently heard in different song verses.

Rap-Up claims that the rapper hired Eliantte to make an iced-out necklace with a huge pendant of the initials YM. Although the necklace’s cost was kept a secret, it is believed to have cost him a few hundred thousand dollars.

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  • Cita Double-Sided Ring

Days after the Lil Weezyana Fest in 2019, Lil Wayne bought a special ring for himself and ordered many custom diamond chains from Eliantte for his squad.

The three-sided ring with the double-sided jewel was flippable from both sides. He displayed the ring and concentrated on the words CITA that were iced out on top during an Instagram video. Lil Wayne’s mother goes by the moniker Cita.

  • Self-Portrait Gold Pendant

In 2018, Lil Wayne sent a struggling London-based art student an email asking her to create him an 18-karat gold pendant.

According to BBC, the pendant featuring Lil Wayne’s self-portrait was hand-carved by the student Joy BC, who also included two teardrop-shaped diamonds to symbolise the two losses of his family members. The student hoped to fund $12,000 for the course, but the commission, which arrived around his 35th birthday, offered a better price.

  • Diamond Lighter

Before he starts rapping a line, Lil Wayne also makes another sound that has come to be recognised as his trademark: lighter flicking. He posted a video in which the rapper accepted a gift from his fans—a diamond lighter made by Eliantte. It had a cross cut in the centre and was covered in crystal diamonds in both directions.

  • Chopard Watch

In 2009, to commemorate his 27th birthday, Lil Wayne received an iced-out diamond watch in appreciation of his 13-year contribution to the music business.

The rapper’s close friend and business partner for their record label, Brian “Birdman” Williams, gave him a custom-made Chopard watch for his birthday. The watch, which was made of white diamonds, cost him in the neighbourhood $1 million.

  • Diamond Teeth

When Lil Wayne decided to add some gems to his teeth, he went all out. The rapper replaced one of his teeth in addition to giving each tooth diamond braces to brighten up his appearance. According to Complex, he installed the grille in 2009, spending a total of $150,000 on the entire project.

  • Cuban Chains

Lil Wayne makes sure to wear several necklaces at once, so he is never seen with just one Cuban chain around his neck. One of his favourites is a big, waist-length chain made of iced-out white diamonds. A chain with an “OG” pendant at the bottom is also worn by the rapper.

  • Chunky Rings

Along with the CITA double-sided ring, each ring in the rapper’s collection reportedly costs upwards of $135,000. With impressive carat weights, Lil Wayne has a set of clustered band rings in white gold and yellow gold. The pair of rings also come with a round statement rock in the middle that catches the eye.

  • Diamond-Encrusted Headphones

In 2012, while watching an NBA All-Star game from the courtside, Lil Wayne wore his distinctive sense of style. What caught the eye were his amazing headphones, which he was sporting along with his trademark glasses.

According to MTV, the Beats by Dr Dre he was wearing around his neck were set with $1 million worth of diamonds. Rapper SkyBlu also used the headphones during the Super Bowl that year, so Wayne is not the only rapper who owns them.

Another item of jewellery that Lil Wayne is rumoured to own is a diamond tennis bracelet, which he may wear every day.

The rapper has gradually added additional jewellery over the years to mark significant occasions and his influence on the music business. He keeps working with Eliantte to expand his collection of unique jewellery.