Drake and Eminem Are at The Top of The IFPI 2022 List of Hip Hop Artists!

The Global Recording Artists of the Year list is published yearly by the worldwide trade association IFPI. Just released is the new ranking.

There is an odd segmentation of the list. The top 3 consist of Taylor Swift (this year’s winner), Drake, and BTS, all of whom have been first in trading at least twice. Once Western pop acts reach No. 11, K-Pop acts take their spots.

Then Eminem introduces a row of seven parallel hip-hop performers. The Beatles and Imagine Dragons round out the list.

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Marshall technically missed the Top 10 of the Global Recording Artist of 2022, but No. 11 for a 1990s musician who has never stopped making music is not at all awful. Eminem can confidently claim to be the second biggest-selling hip-hop artist internationally in 2022, trailing only Drake in his genre.

Below are the Billboard-published IFPI Top 20 Global Recording Artists of 2022: