Is “Real Housewives of Potomac” Star Ashley Darby Dating Again After Filing For Divorce With Her Husband?

On June 8, 1988, Ashley Darby, a finance manager, and unscripted television character, was born in Maryland. According to her Bravo memoir, Darby is enthusiastic about community, generosity, overall welfare, and her vocation at RHOP. 

She also teaches yoga lessons and is a certified yoga instructor. Darby supported her family while attending the College of Maryland by working as a bartender before achieving fame and wealth. 

Due to her successful career, Darby has collected wealth throughout. Ashley Darby’s romantic history A financial expert and TV personality known as The Real Housewives of Potomac made shocking claims last year. 

In any case, Darby has some pretty exciting news for her followers this year. Fans speculate that Darby is dating someone, so let’s find out who Ashley Darby is dating.

Who Is Ashley Darby Dating?

The Real Housewives of Potomac cast member spent just a few weeks with the Summer House alum in Minnesota. After admitting on an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that she was “not romantically involved” with Luke any longer

who is ashley darby dating

Because her ongoing divorce from Michael Darby was “complicated.” Ashley provided support for Luke Gulbranson on January 21 at Cowboy Jack’s in Minneapolis for the introduction of his beer, Happy Dog Kölsch.  

She wasn’t the only Bravolebrity at the celebration; Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard, who are engaged, from Summer House, as well as Brian Benni, who stars in Family Karma, were also present.

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Ashley revealed to a participant at Drag Brunch that her current relationship with Luke isn’t straightforward.

Ashley called Luke “such a cutie” and that she will keep the public “abreast as things develop.”

Ashley Darby And Michael Darby’s Marriage: All You Need To Know

Entrepreneur Ashley Darby has a love of hospitality, altruism, and holistic wellness. Ashley, a native of Maryland with a fiery disposition, was raised with tenacity and an unrivaled will to succeed. 

Ashley, the family’s eldest child, spent her childhood working various jobs to support her single mother and her younger siblings. When she became 18, she continued her education at the University of Maryland while also working as a bartender to support her family.

Ashley was working as a bartender when the Miss District of Columbia Pageant saw her, and she went on to win the title in 2011.

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Ashley, a licensed yoga instructor, believes that finding balance involves finding inner tranquility and being physically fit. Ashley is attempting to balance love, family, career, and parenthood even though she is having the time of her life.

Soon after, Ashley met Australian millionaire Michael Darby who was involved in real estate. Ashley was introduced to a world she had no idea existed as sparks flew. 

Dean Michael and Dylan Matthew were born to Ashley and Michael after their marriage, which took place in 2019. They were together for eight years before deciding to separate.

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The Rumor Of Ashley And Her Husband’s Divorce Is True?

who is ashley darby dating

After eight years of marriage, the yoga master announced her separation from her husband Michael Darby in April 2022.

“We have decided to separate. We are aware that there will be many speculative views as to why we have made this decision.” 

Ashley added:

“People will be quick to assume that the causes were too much intrusion by reality TV into the most personal parts of our lives, age gap issues, cultural problems, or child-rearing differences. Pieces of all these may have affected our pure love for each other, but no one reason is the root cause of our mutual decision to go our separate ways.”

At BravoCon, the reality star confirmed that she had not yet filed for divorce. Before filing for an uncontested divorce in her own Virginia, couples with children must live apart for at least a year. Dean and Dylan are sons that Ashley and her estranged husband share.

The Housewife confirmed that she was ready to start dating just before BravoCon.

“She’s putting herself out there and is eager to meet someone who she can see a future with. She’s always looking for friends to set her up on dates.”