Melle Mel Thinks That The Only Reason Eminem Is In The Top Five Is Because He Is White!

Melle Mel doesn’t think Eminem is as great as the people who put together Billboard and Vibe’s lists of the 50 best rappers of all time. And the person who started hip-hop thinks that Em is only in the top five because of his race.

The Art of Dialogue posted a new interview clip with Melle Mel on Thursday, March 2, in which he talked about Eminem’s status in the rap game and his No. 5 spot on Billboard and Vibe’s lists.

Melle Mel said, “It’s clear that he can rap.” “If you’re talking about sales, he sold more than everyone else. If you’re talking about rhyme styles, OK, he’s got rhyme style.

But he’s White. So, if Eminem was just another black person like the rest of us, would he be in the top five on that list, where a black person who can rhyme just as well as he is number 35? He had records and everything. He’s 35.”

melle mell eminem not top five rapper


Melle Mel went on to say that because of his contributions to the hip-hop culture, he would be better than Elvis if he were White. He went on to say about Eminem, “Anyone can be mad, and they can feel how they want to feel.”

“If they don’t think race has anything to do with how good he is, I heard that one of his friends, [Royce 5’9′], is just as good as Eminem. Why isn’t he as big as Eminem? Because he’s Black. It’s not hard to figure out.”

Mel added, “Eminem is at the top because he is White.” “It has something to do with it. Whether he’d be higher or lower… Still, you can’t take that out of the equation. If he was a Black rapper, he probably wouldn’t even make the list.”

The new episode of TAOD with Melle Mel came out on March 3. Mel continued the conversation by saying that he didn’t think Lil Wayne should be No. 1 on Billboard and Vibe’s lists because the New Orleans rapper uses Auto-Tune.

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Melle Mel said, “You don’t even know his real voice.” “If his voice is Auto-tuned, was there something wrong with his voice that made them put Auto-tune on it, or did they do something in the studio to make it sound raw?”

Melle Mel has already put Eminem down. In 2017, he criticized Em and Jay-Z.