How To Delete TikTok Videos? [Complete Guide]

How To Delete TikTok Videos

You can have a lot of fun with TikTok, which is why it’s one of the apps we recommend. It’s likely that you’ll spend a lot of time creating videos after you learn how to use the various effects, filters, and other options available.

After a few days or weeks of adding new films to your collection, you may find it difficult to find specific clips. That’s a sign that it could be time to get rid of any old videos you don’t really need.

Your TikTok following and popularity will encourage you to try new things as you develop your brand. Regrettably, when you create a new account, you also begin with no followers. Deleting the videos will achieve your purpose of getting rid of them.

Here, you’ll find detailed instructions for erasing your TikTok videos and other stuff.

Tips For Removing Videos From TikTok

  • The video can be deleted with two touches. First, head over to your profile and pick the video you want to remove.
  • To expand the video’s menu, use the ellipsis (…) button.

How To Delete TikTok Videos

  • After that, swipe all the way to the right across the bottom selections until you reach Delete. Then it just vanished into thin air.

How To Delete TikTok Videos

It’s not possible to prevent anyone from downloading your video if that option is enabled in your settings. Someone could have downloaded a duplicate of the movie even if you removed it from your gallery, and they could then post it to their own profile.

That’s why it’s important to think about your deletion options before you make a video.

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TikTok Account Deletion

How To Delete TikTok Videos

TikTok’s customer service used to be the sole option to permanently remove your account. You couldn’t just remove your account; you needed their okay first. Since this procedure may take many days, it caused a lot of inconvenience for people.

Therefore, TikTok developed a tool called “Thinking about canceling your account” to facilitate the process of deactivating your account. A phone number must be added to your profile before you may remove it.

Facts That Need To Be Noted

How To Delete TikTok Videos

If you deactivate your account, all of the videos you’ve uploaded, the songs you’ve liked, and any other information associated with your profile will be lost forever. TikTok users can no longer view your chat history with them, but your chat history is still viewable by others.

Other than that, you will lose access to your videos, features, and profile preferences permanently. After a profile is deleted, it cannot be restored. If you ever wish to use TikTok again, you’ll need to make a new profile.

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Do You Really Want to Get Rid Of Your Account?

Be sure to save any videos you really want to preserve from your TikTok account by downloading them first. You will not receive a refund for any in-app purchases. Your TikTok coins will also be removed from your account without a refund.

If you don’t want other people to be able to see your profile, you may always lock it. Ensure your anonymity by turning on all security and privacy features. That way, you won’t lose any progress or tokens while your account is “paused,” and you can pick up just where you left off whenever you’re ready. Your TikTok account is something you should carefully consider deleting.

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