How to Fake Incoming Calls on Your iPhone

How many times have you been in awkward situations, on awful dates, or participated in talks you didn’t want to be a part of? Sometimes it’s difficult to get out of a situation or conversation that you don’t want to be in. Maybe the easiest method to handle this during these difficult times without creating a scene is to stage an incoming call on your iPhone.

Why not pretend to make a phone call? Making a phone call is often seen as a very good excuse to end an awkward date or conversation. One method to try to set up a call is to text someone to ask for assistance, but you can also use an app to make a phony call to your iPhone. Here is a look at one such system that makes it simple to schedule fictitious incoming calls on an iPhone.

How to Fake an Incoming Call on iPhone

We’ll be using third-party software from the software Store to schedule a fictitious phone call on your iPhone. However, don’t worry, the process is rather simple.

First, go to the App Store, download, and install the Fake Call Plus-Prank Call App.

As soon as the software launches, all of the settings for putting up a fictitious phone call will be available to you. In addition to selecting the caller name, ringtone, and even the voice you hear during the conversation, you may set the call’s duration. After making all of your selections and tapping “Wallpaper,”

fake phone call screen

After the call ends, make sure you activate the option “Return Real Desktop” to ensure that you go back to your actual home screen rather than a phony one.

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After viewing your fictitious call options, click “Start Call.”

fake phone call screen

It will instantly become black on your screen. Up until you get the phone call, this is the screen you will see. The incoming call won’t reach you if you hit the home button or close the app.

When you get the fictitious call through the app, you’ll see the screen below. This will seem exactly like a typical phone call. Either answer the call or hang up.

Depending on your setup, you will hear a voice clip that was prerecorded when you answered the call. You will be brought to the home screen after hanging up the phone.

You’re now prepared to take advantage of your newfound ability to pretend to receive incoming calls on your iPhone.

fake phone call screen

If you play your cards well and use good judgment, no one would even suspect that this is all a ruse and that you’re using an app to arrange the entire affair. It’s not possible to make a false phone call using iOS natively, and it’s doubtful that Apple will ever offer the ability to do so.

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There are a lot of advertisements on this specific app, which is a drawback. It is not required to start the phone call spoofing, but you can get around that by purchasing the VIP version to get rid of them. This is only one of the most widely used applications that allows you to pretend to be on the phone, of course.

This is obviously about setting up a (phony) appointment, but you could also do this using SMS messaging. By using the built-in Shortcuts app on your device, you may learn how to plan text messages to ensure that you don’t forget later. You can even text yourself.