How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited? Quick Guide On Canceling Kindle Unlimited Membership!

You may want to cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription if you’re not satisfied with the service. This could be because you have unused subscription months or because there aren’t enough books in your preferred genre. Read on to learn two simple methods for terminating your Kindle Unlimited membership.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited offers more than 2 million titles, making it the best e-book subscription service. However, it has a ways to go before it can be compared to streaming services like Netflix or Spotify. This manual will show you how to effortlessly cancel Kindle Unlimited if you are dissatisfied with the library’s selection.

Essential Ideas:

Either the Amazon Website or the Kindle Unlimited Mobile App will suffice to terminate your subscription.

Any books you have checked out will be removed from your Kindle library on the following billing date after you cancel.
Even if you buy a book with a Kindle Unlimited discount, it will remain in your Kindle library regardless of whether you continue to subscribe to the service.

Inconveniently, Amazon does not provide a way to terminate your account via Kindle devices. If you want to shop on Amazon, you’ll need to use your account on the site. Let’s get that out of the way so we can begin.

Kindle Unlimited: How Do I Cancel My Subscription Using The Amazon or Kindle App?

Subscription cancellation via the Amazon or Kindle apps is currently unavailable. Managing and canceling Kindle Unlimited memberships is now only possible via a web browser, as this functionality was removed from the mobile apps.

If you decide to discontinue your Kindle Unlimited membership, any books you’ve borrowed will be returned to the service on your next paying date.

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Find Out Here How To Stop Your Amazon Kindle Unlimited Subscription!

A Kindle Unlimited membership can be terminated solely through Amazon’s website.

  1. Visit Amazon’s Website
    In a web browser, go to and then click the “Hello, Sign in” button near the top of the page.How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited
  2. Enter Your Login Information
    A valid Amazon account is required to proceed.How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited
  3. Input Your Kindle Unlimited Settings
    After signing in, hover over the same button at the top, but this time choose “Kindle Unlimited” from the submenu that displays.How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited
  4. Select The Cancel Membership Option
    You’ll find the “Manage Membership” option under the “Payment Settings” menu on the left. To end your Kindle Unlimited subscription, go there and click the appropriate button.How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited
  5. Verify That You Cancelled
    Finally, you’ll be brought to a confirmation page that will show you a list of books you’ve borrowed. Continue canceling by selecting the “Cancel Membership” link.How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited

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Concluding Remarks: Cancel Your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

With that, we conclude our guide. Following these procedures, you should no longer incur any fees associated with Kindle Unlimited, and the books you’ve borrowed will be returned to Amazon. Your membership will continue until the date of your next payment if you have paid in advance for numerous months.

How about ending your Kindle Unlimited subscription? Did you encounter any difficulties doing so on the website? Why did you decide to stop using Kindle Unlimited? Was it because there weren’t enough books to read? Did you merely want to try it out for free? Leave a comment and let us know. Your attention is appreciated.