Are Dated and Related’s Diana and Kaz Still Together?

are kaz and diana still together

After a year of waiting, we now know what happened to the couples from the first season of “Dated & Related” who made it to the show’s final episode. The September 2nd launch of the Netflix dating program was notable for its pairing of brothers as wingmen for one another while they sought love in the south of France.

Keeping up with the romantic exploits of three pairs of identical twins and remembering who was on good terms with whom made for a hectic series, but it was all worth it in the end when “golden couple” Kaz and Diana won the show’s $100,000 grand prize.

Couples like Kaz Bishop and Diana Parsijani, Kieran Bishop and Alara Taneri, and Nina Parsijani and Daniel Perfetto have had plenty of opportunities to put their dating skills to the test in the real world since shooting finished, opening the chance to deeper relationships and possible disappointments.

Social media posts won’t disclose much (other than the fact that Daniel and Joey Roppo are still best friends), but on September 12 the Netflix crew revealed which couples from the series finale are still together.

Some couples have concluded they are better off as friends, while others are stronger than ever, making us want to rewatch the entire series as we wait for a season two renewal. Find out which “Dated & Related” pairs are still together.

Do we still know if Diana and Kaz are together?

Do we still know if Diana and Kaz are together?

Kaz, who isn’t particularly demonstrative or articulate, solicited his twin brother’s assistance for their final leg of the voyage so that he could wow Diana on their date.

He prepared a private space with rose petals and champagne and then pulled a “Love Actually” by putting his thoughts on notecards for her to read, the last of which said, “I love you!” So, do you want to be my girlfriend?

Naturally, Diana returned the feeling and responded “Yes!,” marking the beginning of a more serious relationship. In fact, by simply being himself, he was able to alter her perspective on men, while she altered his behavior in romantic partnerships.

So, it came as no shock when Kaz and Diana took home the grand prize of $100,000 thanks to the votes of their fellow contestants. Accordingly, we are relieved to announce that the London locals appear to be getting along swimmingly; it is unknown if they are still romantically linked, but their persistent online communication testifies to their amiability.

Although we hope that Kaz and Diana are still together after making it through this ordeal unscathed, we must admit that this is only an optimistic assumption based on the facts we know about them. As of this writing, they have made no statements either confirming or denying the rumors.

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Circumstance-Linked Travels of Diana and Kaz

There was undeniable chemistry between Diana and Kaz from the minute they met at the introductions in the villa with their twins and the rest of the sibling cast members.

The second didn’t think twice about contacting her within a few hours, and she liked his honesty enough to acknowledge that, yes, there is chemistry, but she wanted to get to know him better.

This is because the 29-year-old woman has a short fuse and places a high value on trust, all of which contributed to her sadness when her boyfriend, at her request, went out with Corrina Roppo the following night.

Despite the presence of both of their brothers, Diana departed the room as soon as the 30-year-old fireman reported that the date had been “Excellent.”

Kaz then went out of his way to find her a short time later, and they had a tender kiss after he apologized for accidentally hurting her feelings and reaffirmed his devotion to her alone.

The fact that she was frank about her trust difficulties stemming from the past and that he communicated with Corrina to smooth things overlaid a solid groundwork for their relationship.

Kaz admitted in his first diary entry that he is “a bit of a player” and that it would take a lot to get him to settle down, but he made an almost instant commitment to Diana because he recognized her as unique.

Neither of them was distracted by any of the new cast members, and the turmoil surrounding their siblings’ (Kaz and Nina’s) breakup had no effect on the bond between the villa’s first official pair.

Yes, they had their share of petty disagreements, but by maintaining an open mind, having meaningful talks, and spending quality time together, they were able to overcome their differences and move ahead.

Kaz and Diana, a formerly dating and related couple, have split up.

Kaz and Diana, who won the show’s $100,000 prize money for being the strongest couple from the beginning, insisted to Netflix’s publication Tudum that they are still together.

Diana spilled the beans to Tudum, saying, “He makes me laugh, supports me, and has always been there for me from day one.” In a sincere way, I like these qualities in a person. “I’ve never met a man with such a big, kind, generous soul.”

According to the interview, Kaz and Diana also planned to take a tropical vacation together. But Kaz came clean and admitted that things between them quickly cooled off after they left the villa in southern France. Kaz said in an interview with Will Njobvu that the winning pair split up a year after filming ended in the summer of 2021.

“We’re still chatting, essentially,” Kaz answered uneasily. In the podcast interview with host Will Njobvu, Kaz first said, “There’s a lot that happened. I was with Diana. “Unfortunately, we have not said anything, we have not had the appropriate conversation about it.”

Here’s the thing though,” the speaker continued. There was such intensity in the room that I asked her to be my girlfriend and declared my love for her. It sounds like you two have been seeing one other since day one.

You go out, meet a girl, maybe even sleep with her, but you always wake up together and you’re together for three weeks. Having a constant, round-the-clock romance. Kaz stated, “Dating Diana was quite intensive, a lot to take in.

Still, both she and I were willing to give it a go. I tried to tell her that our commitment was strong within the villa’s walls but that things would change once we left. You’re juggling a lot more tasks than most people. Returning to the workplace and home life.

I and Kieran were dealing with a lot of problems at home. Thus, it was included as well. As time went on, our interactions were fewer and further between; yet, the times we did see one other were filled with affection, and we certainly maintained some level of communication.

Therefore, “we never had that like full-on discussion and said ‘this is ending here,'” Kaz said, providing few specifics.

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