Is Brooke Shields Gay? Celebrity’s High-Profile Dating History

Is Brooke Shields Gay? Brooke Shields is a popular American actress who debuted as a child model and rose to fame with her age like a fine wine. The celebrity is known for her eventful dating history.

People have forever been curious about the sexuality and personal life of Brooke Shields. The interest in her private life became very much inevitable after she was associated with some high-profile names. People have been curious to know if Brooke Shields is gay or if are these mere rumors.

Keep reading the article to note the truth behind the sexuality of the American actress and to get a proper answer to the question – Is Brooke Shields gay?

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Is Brooke Shields Gay?

is brooke shields gay

No, Brooke Shields is not gay. Although the star made a big revelation, leaving fans confused and yet more curious. According to the New York Post, Brooke Shields revealed that she has been and still is attracted to many women. She justified that it is primarily because she has been raised by her mother and her two gay friends whom she calls godmothers.

“I envision myself in a marriage with children. I’m moved by that. But there are many women I find very attractive. But that’s not acceptable in this world. I grew up with my mom and these two guys – my godmothers, I call them. They raised me, with my mom, in Manhattan. …I was with Hank and Richard all the time or other friends of my mother’s. My household never had a mom and dad.”

She also revealed to The Advocate that having deep roots in her gay community is the proudest part of her lie and that she even convinced her ex-husband Andre Agassi to alter his homophobic ways when they were married.

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Brooke Shields Love Life

is brooke shields gay

According to The People, the actress has been linked with big personalities like Michael Jackson, John Travolta, and Liam Neeson. She is currently married to Chris Henchy and the couple share two daughters.

The star has also been associated with Scott Baio. According to speculations, the two were assumed to have dated while shooting in childhood. However, it was later revealed that all ‘dates’ were just for show and the two were just friends. She was later in a platonic relationship with John Travolta who is 11 years older than her. Fun fact, She was just 16 back then.

She also developed a close bond with Michael Jackson whom she met when she was just 13 (Jackson was 19 at the time). She also revealed to have been in a relationship with Superman Dean Cain. Things went as far as a marriage proposal with Liam Neeson but the two broke up before that.

Further, in 1997, she got married to Andre Agassi. But the two called off their marriage within two years. Then she finally found the love of her life, Chris Henchy. The two decided to get married, have kids, and are still going strong.