Is Ella Toone Gay? Football Player Reveals Her Secret and Comes Out Of The Closet?

Is Ella Toone Gay? Ella Toone is one of the best performers at Manchester United. A super-talented individual from the Women’s Super League is an important part of the club Salford suburb Manchester United Women’s Football Club.

She is recently being questioned on her sexual identity. Given the number of football players from her team coming out of the closet, it is no surprise that fans are curious about the romantic life of Ella Toone.

Keep reading the article to know more about the love life of the football star and to know if Ella Toone is gay or if is it just a hoax.

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Is Ella Toone Gay?

is ella toone gay

No, Ella Toone is not gay. The player has never addressed the rumors regarding her sexuality and has never come forward to make any public announcement. Also, she has previously noted that she likes to keep her personal life under the curtains and would respect it if her privacy is respected.

Ella Toone for sure supports LGBTQ+ representation in sports but has not shown any other association with the queer community per se. It is safe to say that these are just some baseless rumors.

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Who Is Ella Toone Dating?

is ella toone gay

Ella Toone is dating Joe Bunney. Their love story is rather interesting and more so, one that would make you think of it as a webtoon storyline.

Joe Bunney is a non-league footballer and a big big fan of Manchester City. His girlfriend, Ella Toone, on the other hand, represents Manchester United. Oh, to date your celebrity crush- Joe is living the life we dream of!

Despite having different clubs, the two have very well maintained a secret and healthy romantic relationship. Although there were rumors about Ella Toone dating Keely Hodgkison in 2022, it is Joe right now.