Is Georgenotfound Gay? Rumors Circulate as The Youtuber Keeps His Personal Private!

Georgenotfound, the Twitch streamer and YouTuber, is currently in the news due to rumors that he is gay. Fans of the British online personality are interested in learning what his sexual preference is.

Are all the rumors factual, or are they merely made-up stories? Learn everything there is to know about the well-known YouTuber in this article!

Is Georgenotfound Gay?

Is Georgenotfound Gay?

No, Georgenotfound Is Not Gay. Every single allegation that suggests that George is gay that is going around is untrue.

George responded in one of his streams to a fan who asked him to clarify his sexual orientation. Many began speculating because George doesn’t frequently update his supporters on his personal life.

Who Is Georgenotfound Dating?

Is Georgenotfound Gay?


Georgenotfound has never provided any updates on his love life. He was also not publicly spotted dating anyone. We don’t know if George is single or in a relationship because he rarely discusses it.

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How Did Georgenotfound Get Famous?

Is Georgenotfound Gay?

George Davidson, also known online as GeorgeNotFound, was born in London, UK, on November 1, 1996. Protan red-green color blindness affects George. Before uploading frequently in 2019 and changing his identity to GeorgeNotFound, he first debuted on YouTube in 2013 under the username GeorgeeeHDPlays.

In his most popular video to date, “Minecraft, But I’m Not Colorblind Anymore,” which he posted on September 9, 2020, Davidson, who has red-green color blindness, first wears color-correcting spectacles. As of 2023, the video had had over 44 million views.

On his YouTube channel, he is known to play games like SpeedRunners, Minecraft, Counter-Strike, Global Offensive, Among Us, and GeoGuessr.

As a result of the server’s popularity, several of its users, including Davidson and Dream, who were frequently depicted as romantically involved in a ship dubbed “DreamNotFound,” produced fanfiction (shortened to “DNF”).

One such piece, Heat Waves, has attracted media interest ever since its October 2020 debut on the fanfiction archive Archive of Our Own. The English band Glass Animals’ song “Heat Waves,” which has the same name, became popular all over the world as a result of its virality.

YouTube selected Davidson as one of the year’s top emerging creators. He was one of the top ten game creators on Twitter in 2021.

Where Is Georgenotfound Now?

Is Georgenotfound Gay?


Georgenotfound has amassed 10.5 million YouTube followers as of February 2023. On Instagram, he has more than 2.9 million followers. One of the most popular content creators in the UK and the highest-paid TikTok user in the UK is George “GeorgeNotFound.”

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What Is Georgenotfound’s Net Worth?

Is Georgenotfound Gay?

According to Stream Scheme, Georgenotfound has an estimated worth of $2.5 million. His several Youtube channels, which are all continuing to gain subscribers and are anticipated to do so, account for the lion’s share of his overall net worth.

In addition, George owns a business where he sells apparel such as sweatshirts, shirts, hats, and drinkware. It’s safe to suppose he makes a respectable amount of money from this endeavor as well, given the size of his devoted fan base.

On Twitch and YouTube, George is currently one of the most well-known Minecraft players. He doesn’t upload as much stuff as other streamers do, but he consistently creates high-caliber videos. You could say that he prefers quality to quantity in this sense.