Is George Going out With Dream? Do They Have Chemistry?

Streamers of Minecraft content are becoming increasingly popular in their own right. Among them are George, who goes by the handle GeorgeNotFound, and Dream, whose handle is DreamWasTaken. The dream has more than 7 million followers across all of his YouTube accounts, making him the most well-known of the two.

His primary YouTube channel has over 6.54 million followers, while his Twitch page has over 550 thousand viewers. Meanwhile, there’s George. All the Minecraft gamers adore his videos, and he consistently maintains a massive subscriber count of 1.81 million on YouTube.

Considering he’s only getting his feet wet as a content creator and player, his popularity is bound to grow. Dream and George’s friendship was evident as they worked together to win the game. In Minecraft, the two will often work together to take down the opposition.

In other instances, the two engage in friendly Minecraft battles against one another, and everyone likes to see them work together. You’ve come to the perfect site if you see yourself as someone who always needs to know the latest information on George and Dream.

In this article, we will conclude our coverage of Dream and George’s history together on YouTube and as friends. As an added bonus, we’ll be discussing some of the more intimate details of the lives of these two innovators.

Visualize yourself as a Youtube star with 41 million subscribers and more.

Visualize yourself as a Youtube star with 41 million subscribers and more.

Born in Florida in 1999, Dream is now 23 years old in 2022. He is a well-known YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and social media star. He goes by Clay as a first name, but his surname remains a mystery. He has not shared many details regarding his private life.

Only lately, in September of 2022, did the American YouTuber reveal his identity. In 2016, he launched his first channel on YouTube, but it wasn’t until 2019–2020 that he gained widespread attention.

According to the information he has provided, he is White and religiously affiliated with Christianity. The dream is a native-born American.

In 2022, his wealth will have increased to around $11.31 million, per our reliable source. His two YouTube channels provide him with a steady stream of revenue, which is proportional to the number of views each video receives.

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Video Game Streamer Dream Is Not Homosexual: Exploring Gender and Sexuality

Fans of Dream have speculated about his sexuality ever since he became a star in 2020. In April of 2022, though, he tweeted that he is not gay. Dream gives off the impression that he is gay, yet he has come out as heterosexual.

Not only that, but he has made no secret in the stream of his gender or sexuality. Nonetheless, there is a sizable contingent of onlookers who think he is only trying to protect his privacy. His actions and words, such as his frequent references to “George,” have raised eyebrows.

Although he has denied being gay, he does find certain males acceptable. And neither is he homosexual or bisexual. Further, the YouTuber did not show his face until August 2022.

His new YouTube account, simply titled “Hi! I m Dream,” included a video of him showing off his face in September 2022. Now that the world has seen his face, they are naturally wondering what gender he is.

They Go Together Like George and Dream: Evidence

Supporters are currently obsessed with Dream and George’s romance. Twitter and, of course, YouTube users are among those who “ship” the pair. The two boys had been chatting on Minecraft and had exchanged some amorous comments.

Numerous media publications have reported that Dream and George are more than simply YouTube celebrities or co-op gamers that play Minecraft together. The two are rumoured to be in a secret relationship, and this has sparked speculation among the public.

No one is aware of it yet, despite the fact that indications have been dropped. This rumour about their connection has been going about for a while now, and it’s no longer confined to assumptions. The internet community may rest easy since they have access to credible evidence.

You only need to watch a video of Dream and George together to see them flirting. In an older video titled “Beating Minecraft with One Inventory Slot…”, we see that Dream was too sentimental with George by giving him flowers in-game.

He used the remaining seconds, minutes, and hours to convince George to finally confess his feelings for him. You can count on George to return the favour with his own version of the sexy talk. Dream once lost a wager to George in the amount of $1,000 USD. He not only won the money, but he also acquired Dream’s mom’s phone number!