Is Maggie Haberman Pregnant? All You Need Know About the Rumors!

Maggie Haberman is an American journalist. She is also a correspondent in the New York Times white house. Maggie also works as a political analyst for CNN. Earlier, she used to work as a reporter for the new york post, the New York daily times and Politico. Maggie wrote many things and publications about Donald Trump.

And she rose to prominence, covering his campaign, presidency, and post-presidency times. Later in 2022, she published the best-selling book ‘confidence man: the making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America’. Maggie Haberman was born on October 30, 1973.

Is Maggie Haberman Pregnant?

is maggie haberman pregnant

No, Maggie Haberman is not expecting a child! She is facing pregnancy rumours. However, it only appears to be a word on the area but nothing serious about it. Also, the journalist has not yet confirmed whether the rumour is true. She has not yet given any clues to her fans about her pregnancy.

Fake news is currently circulating all around the world on the internet. But still, there has been no confirmation from the journalist. Since there are no facts about the topic, the statement of her being pregnant is false and just a rumour. Neither her family has confirmed her pregnancy.

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Maggie Haberman’s Early Life

Haberman was born on October 30, 1973. she was born in New York City. She is the daughter of Clyde Haberman and was a longtime journalist for the New York Times. Her mother is Nancy Haberman, a media communicator executive at reubenstine associates. Her mother has also worked for many clients in the new york times.

Maggie graduated from Ethical culture fieldstone School, followed by Sarah Lawrence College, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in 1995. Her career began in 1996 after she was hired by the New York Post. In 1999 she was assigned to cover for a political reporting and got her chance to rank herself up.

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Maggie Haberman’s Net Worth

is maggie haberman pregnant


Maggie Haberman is a successful journalist, and she has been so popular. As per the latest information, the estimated net worth of Maggie Haberman is $5 million. Throughout her career, she has been known for her in-depth research of different topics and ability to get into the story by herself. She has covered various stories, also the most prominent political events of the past decade.

Maggie also reported the September 11 terrorist attack and the US presidential elections in 2016. In 2018 she was part of the team at the New York Times that was awarded a Pulitzer prize for the Russian interference in the 2016 election. She has been known to many people worldwide for her excellent work.

Who Is Maggie Haberman’s Husband?

Maggie Haberman and Dareh Ardashes Gregorian, her spouse, are both successful journalists. In 2003, their wedding made national headlines. Dareh Ardashes Gregorian is an Armenian-American journalist and former New York Daily News correspondent who has accomplished much in his field and received numerous accolades. Daren Gregorian is presently a reporter for NBC. 24 March 1970, Dareh Ardashes Gregorian was born in Austin, Texas.

He is the youngest of three siblings, Vahe and Raffi Gregorian being his older siblings. His Armenian-Iranian father, Vartan Gregorian, was the president of New York’s renowned Carnegie Corporation, and his mother, Clare Rusell, was the Literary Partners’ chairwoman until she died in 2018.

Dareh Ardashes Gregorian fell in love with writing and journalism and resolved to make a name for himself to attain fame and wealth like his father. His early education is unknown, but he attended Boston University to fulfil a lifelong ambition and graduated in 1992 with a Journalism and Mass Communication degree.