What Is Tekashi 69’s Ethnicity? Tracing the Rapper’s Diverse Ethnic Background!

Tekashi 69’s ethnicity: Daniel Hernandez is an American rapper better known by his stage names 6ix9ine (stylized as 6IX9INE and pronounced “six nine”) and Tekashi69.

His rainbow-colored hair, many tattoos, legal problems, and well-known feuds with other celebrities all add to his controversial public image. His music has been known for the fiery way he raps.

If you are familiar with his artistic output, you might want to learn more about his history, particularly his race, religion, and parents, among other things.

So, what are Tekashi 69’s nationality, religion, and ethnicity? Who are his Parents, too? Read the complete article to learn every aspect of the American rapper’s life.

What Is Tekashi 69’s Ethnicity, Religion, and Race?

tekashi 69 ethnicity

Tekashi 69 is of Hispanic descent and he practices Christian religion. His father is from Atlixco, Puebla, Mexico, and his mother is from Piedras, Puerto Rico. The Dummy Boy hitmaker is therefore a Latino.

People shouted after the performer uttered the N-word, according to Metro. He also defended his continuous use of the N-word and resisted any efforts to stop him.

Who is going to stop me? said The Tattle Tales singer to the co-hosts Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Enby, and Angela Yee during his presence on the Breakfast Club Show on Power 105.1 FM. Who?”

One of the hosts of the program claimed people seemed to have an issue with 6IX9INE using the N-word because they believed Mexicans shouldn’t be speaking it while stating he didn’t find it offensive.

The confident New York City artist wanted to know who would be against him. Later, the host Charlemagne questioned Tekashi regarding what the N-word meant to him.

Rapper Kooda, who was reared in Brooklyn, asserted that it is a component of his culture. He stated that his terminology and speaking manner are to blame. According to Tekashi69, all Spanish kids in New York utilized the phrase.

Make sure it’s not a “me thing.” Talking about the Post Malone incident he said “I’m not like Post Malone,” he said, “I’ll say it.” When a video of a white rapper’s use of the N-word in 2015 came out in 2017, the rapper referenced him.

Who Are Tekashi 69’s Parents?

tekashi 69 ethnicity

On May 8, 1996, Daniel Hernandez was brought into the world by his parents, Daniel Hernandez Sr. and Natividad Perez-Hernandez.

His mother, Natividad, worked as a factory worker and a cleaner. The musician hadn’t seen his father since he was twelve.

According to the reports, Daniel Hernandez Sr. appeared on the day when he was sentenced to a two-year jail in 2019.

When he finally did see his father, it was just for a brief moment when he was nine years old. Hernandez Sr. said that the singer’s mother had informed him that he was deceased.

In 2010, the rapper’s stepdad was fatally shot a few blocks from the family home. The BEBE hitmaker’s mother found it difficult to cover the costs when his stepdad passed away.

Young Daniel stopped attending school as a result, and he began working as a busboy or delivery boy at the grocery store to support his mother.

However, the Gummo hitmaker said that the reason he was fired was because he was too frail to lift the trays. Daniel and his elder brother, Oscar Osiris Hernandez, began trafficking narcotics as a result.