Who Is Ashley Cooke Dating? Unveiling the Love Behind Ashley Cooke’s Melodies!

Who is Ashley Cooke dating? Her supporters are currently searching for this. Well, she is not only a sensational singer but she is also adorable.  Let’s look at Ashley’s well-known works before discussing her romantic situation.

You shouldn’t be unfamiliar with Ashley Cooke. She has produced several wonderful musical compositions, which have proven to be noteworthy.

Sunday Morning, Kinda Saturday Night, Jealous of the Sky, Strangers, Opposite of Love, Jaime Lawrence, Through This, Sammy Powell, and other popular songs are just a few of the top hits.

Ashley Cooke was born in Florida and raised between the Canadian and Floridan beaches. She is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the country music scene.

Her lyrics are not only true and elegant, but they also seem to tell more of a narrative. Fans are expressing curiosity in finding out what is going on in Ashley Cooke’s dating life because of how adaptable she is.

So, is Ashley Cooke dating anyone? Or is she single? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the singer’s relationship status.

Who Is Ashley Cooke Dating?

who is ashley cooke dating

Currently, Ashley Cooke is not involved in a romantic relationship with anyone. However, there have been swirling rumors suggesting that she may be dating Caden McGuire, especially due to their adorable TikTok videos together.

Just recently, they shared a TikTok where they were sitting together, and the caption hinted at the recurring question of whether they are a couple.

Despite these speculations, neither Ashley nor Caden have officially confirmed their relationship. Also, some fans think that she is with Taylor Holder but it is also another unfounded rumor.

It’s challenging to definitively say whether Ashley is in a romantic partnership right now because she appears to be extremely occupied with promoting her debut album, which is set to release on July 21st.

Her rise as a rising star in the country music scene has captivated many, making her the latest country music obsession. Although she seemed to be in a couple of relationships in the past keep reading to find out who were they.

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Ashley Cooke’s Dating History

Levi Hummon

who is ashley cooke dating

Ashley Cooke was reportedly dating Levi Hummon in 2022. The rumors of the couple started somewhere in January 2022 but eventually, their relationship got confirmed in April 2022.

He shared a TikTok in which he asked Ashley for a reaction to his single “For Me” and he captioned the video “wrote this girl a song”

Cooke and Hummon laughed, nodded in accord, and gave each other love smiles as they listened to the lyrics of the beautiful song. Excited remarks about their love and the new song flooded in.

At that time, Cooke shared a picture of a lovely flower arrangement that had been sent to her by Hummon in honor of her final day of traveling her Instagram story.

But the couple also seemed to have broken up as it was mentioned in of the articles by People (which is now edited) that Levi has been through his share of relationships with many women (Ashley Cooke’s name was also mentioned there). But as these women eventually walked out of his door.

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Morgan Evans

who is ashley cooke dating

Ashley Cooke was also rumored to be dating Morgan Evans in March 2023. Their dating rumors also started with a TikTok video, when they were going on tour with Brett Young.

In a video, they played a game that was fun and taught them a lot about each other. Some people thought they were flirting and all.

During the video, they couldn’t help but smile. Ashley and Morgan Evans were laughing the whole time they were playing. They got along very well. Ashley and Morgan had already started getting along well.

But their dating rumors were shut down by Ashley herself, she took to the comments section: “Dang guys, these comments – we’re just touring together. Easyyy,” she wrote.

To which Morgan replied, “Say it louder for the people in the back haha.” The reason fans thought they were dating could be because Morgan broke up with her girlfriend Kelsea Ballerini sometime before the dating rumors sparked.