Kylen And Jason: ‘TLC Unexpected’ Stars Are They Still Together?

In TLC’s Unexpected, Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith serve as somewhat of the power couple.

That is, if you define the pair as the couple whose relationship is so toxic that nobody can stop talking about it.

Many people have questioned how much longer Kylen will put up with Jason’s aggressive attitude after he was forcibly removed from Kylen’s delivery. Without a doubt, his most recent arrest isn’t helping. Is Kylen and Jason still together?

How Did Kylen And Jason’s Meet And Their Unexpected Journey

The TLC fanbase was highly agitated when 17-year-old Kylen Smith and her 18-year-old boyfriend Jason Korpi appeared. Fans of the show started criticizing the latter because of his apparent attitude of control and superiority toward his pregnant partner. 

Jason acted in an alarming manner in the first episode of season 5 when he insisted on a home birth despite Kylen being uneasy about the notion. Additionally, he forbade his fiancée from visiting her parents at such a crucial time in her life. He took her instead to meet up with his friends.

Even Kylen’s parents confronted Jason about skipping crucial life events for their daughter. Moreover, Jason didn’t seem to recognize the seriousness of the situation when her father brought up the fact that they couldn’t visit Kylen. When Kylen began experiencing birth pains in episode 8 of season 5, Jason was spotted eating and breathing through the discomfort while his girlfriend went into labor. She was eventually brought to the hospital.

is kylen and jason still together

Up until that time, the conflict had been between Jason and Kylen’s parents, but in the hospital, things became tense when the former requested that the expectant mother not receive an epidural during labor. Kylen decided to go with the epidural nonetheless, which caused the situation to spiral out of control to the point where security had to take Jason to the hospital parking lot.

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Jason was eventually permitted to return to the hospital as long as he stayed composed, but he persisted in making Kylen feel bad for receiving the epidural. Finally, Kylen gave birth to their son, Xavier, on August 22, 2021. Episode 11 of the fifth season provided documentation of this. You must naturally be asking if the couple was able to resolve their problems.

Is Kylen And Jason Still Together?

On the television program Unexpected, Kylen Smith’s boyfriend is not a popular favorite. He comes off as being incredibly authoritarian and even deciding where the expectant mother should give birth. Jason has a different preference than Kylen. His opinions come out as egotistical and authoritarian. Now Kylen consults him whenever she needs to decide, and it’s gotten out of hand. We know that the couple is still together.

It seems like Kylen and Jason are still together despite harsh criticism. On March 20, 2022, Jason posted a picture of the couple kissing while visiting New York.

is kylen and jason still together

At the reunion, it was obvious that the two cast members didn’t get along with each other. The moms of the season criticized Jason for his conversation with Kylen.

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Who Are Jason Korpi And Kylen Smith?

On episode 5 of Unexpected, Kylen and Jason made their television debut. Within days of meeting, Kylen and Jason began a sexual relationship after she first saw him on a friend’s Snapchat and asked for his contact information.

According to Jason, a “f—boy” is “a person who goes from girl to girl or has many girlfriends and basically gets as many as you can — it’s like a game,” which he clarified to producers.

He continued in his confession with Kylen, 

“I have this type of thing where I don’t like condoms, and I don’t use them.” Kylen responded, “Well, you put it on, and then you took it off.” He chuckled, “I’m a professional raw-dogger.”

Jason made an effort to convince his young girlfriend to have an expensive home birth over the entire season. The teen mother was able to give delivery in the hospital, but Jason accused her of forcing him to leave as the baby was being born.