How Jonah Hill Has Dated Over the Years!

In the late 2000s and early 2010s, Jonah Hill witnessed a rebirth in popularity among young adults and teenagers. The actor had his start in the film “I Heart Huckabees” in 2004, but he really took off after starring in the comedies “Knocked Up” and “Superbad,” the latter of which is widely regarded as one of the funniest films of all time.

After the success of “Superbad,” Hill’s career took off. Beginning with “Moneyball” (co-starring with Brad Pitt) and continuing on through “The Wolf of Wall Street” (directed by Martin Scorsese), “21 Jump Street,” and “This Is the End,” he began to act in a wide variety of genres.

Hill has a long list of performing credits, but his private life remains out of the spotlight. Over the years, Hill has dated several different women. Although their relationships have never been verified, he has also been speculated to be dating celebrities like Alana Haim and Rita Ora.

He has been seeing Sarah Brady since 2021, and they are currently engaged.

Sarah Brady is Jonah Hill’s current girlfriend.

Sarah Brady is Jonah Hill's current girlfriend.

Jonah posted an Instagram photo of himself and his new girlfriend, Sarah Brady, in September of 2021. He captioned the photo, “Grateful for you.”

However, the actor has kept most of his relationship with Sarah off of social media, barring that photo and one of their matching minion Halloween costumes. A closer look at her posts reveals that instead of fighting, they’ve been spending their time surfing, camping, and generally being adorable with one another.

And if an August selfie is any indication, Jonah probably didn’t start posting about her until after the summer, not in September. Sarah is a surfer and a law student, per her Instagram bio. At UC San Diego, she researched human responses to climate change from an anthropological perspective.

According to News Unzip, Sarah was born in 1997, which would make her 24 years old. Today, Jonah will turn 37. In contrast, Jonah was recently in a committed relationship with another woman named Gianna Santos, as those who have followed his romantic exploits over the years may recall.

Also between the years of 2011 and 2014, he had numerous fleeting romantic attachments.

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Jonah Hill’s Romantic Past

His breakup with Gianna Santos was announced in October 2020. Reports indicate that the pair dated for two years before breaking up. No one knew what caused the pair to break up. They were both in relationships with Jordan Klein before he started dating Gianna.

Hill’s high school love was Jordan Klein, so naturally, they’ve been buddies ever since. It was stated in 2011 that the pair had broken up. “Jordan always appeared incredibly happy and in love,” the insider told US Weekly. It was always smooth sailing for them, as far as I could tell.

It was probably on the move,” the person said. The place he was at, she wanted to be as well. She can’t just up and leave now that she has a secure job. Jonah Hill reportedly dated Isabelle McNally, Rita Ora, and Ali Hoffman, according to many credible sources.

Jonah may have had some sort of association with them, but we don’t know what. If new information emerges concerning Jonah’s friendship with Isabelle McNally, Rita Ora, or Ali Hoffman, it will be included in this section.

Is there anyone else that Jonah Hill has dated except these?

Is there anyone else that Jonah Hill has dated except these?

In October 2020, Jonah broke off his engagement to Gianna Santos. They had been together for roughly two years before then. Reports suggest he was previously involved with his high school sweetheart, Jordan Klein.

An insider told US Weekly at the time of their 2011 breakup: “Jordan gave out a constant impression of joy and affection. Nobody ever seemed to have anything negative to say about their being together.”

The insider continued, implying that the breakup was due to the two people’s respective vacation plans. “She followed him around wherever he went. She is tied down to her employment for the time being and cannot merely quit without giving notice.”

He has been associated with Isabelle McNally, Rita Ora, and Ali Hoffman, among others.