Justin Long Dating Kate Bosworth: Celebrates A Romantic Birthday Together

On the occasion of Justin Long’s 44th birthday, Kate Bosworth confesses her love for him.

Bosworth, 40, posted a series of images to her Instagram account on Thursday that featured a few of the adorable events the couple has experienced since they first started dating.

In the first photo, the couple kissed. Other pictures show them cuddling on a beach and sitting next to each other on a bed decorated with red rose petals.

She started the romantic ode by saying, “You were born today and the world lit up brighter than it had known. And years later you met a girl who’s life was disassembled / rearranged but you were patient and with time she fell in love.”

When Did Justin Long Confirm He Is Dating Kate Bosworth?

who is justin long dating

Justin Long acknowledged having a girlfriend on an episode of his podcast Life is Short with Justin Long. He did leave one hint, however—she enjoyed pineapple on her pizza—even though he did not reveal the name of his significant other.

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Kate Bosworth And Justin Long Expressing How They Feel About Each Other

Celebrating his fiancée Kate Bosworth‘s 40th birthday was actor Justin Long. He paid Bosworth a moving homage on social media. The Dodgeball star posted a collection of photos of himself and Bosworth to Instagram to share with his 708K followers. The couple can be seen kissing, watching the sun set alongside a lake, and cuddling in some of the gorgeous pictures.

who is justin long dating

Long stated in the caption of his Instagram image that she is 40. Bosworth is the highlight of the actor’s day, even when they are apart from one another, he added. Bosworth’s smile was also noted by the actor.

Long describes how Bosworth finds beauty in everyone and thanks everyone even when she is in pain in the lengthy statement. When Bosworth was in pain, Long describes how she was appreciative of the nurses. Long tells Bosworth how her lips are the softest that he has ever kissed as a way of expressing her love for him.

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Reaction Of Drew Barrymore On Ex Justin Long’s Relationship With Kate Bosworth

On September 11, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long sat down to talk about their previous and current relationships on the season three premiere of The Drew Barrymore Show. Three years of intermittent dating ended with a formal breakup in 2010.

The Scream actress and Barbarian actor, though, affirmed their commitment to one another. Barrymore said that she always wishes for her longtime buddy to be happy. Barrymore remarked, “Your prosperity and happiness are all I want in life. “You deserve to be happy, which is why I’m so happy. I’m ecstatic for you.”

Barrymore received assurances from Long, who is presently dating actress Kate Bosworth, that he is very pleased and supportive.