Who Is Seal Girlfriend’s Luckiest Woman? Everything You Need to Know

It has been confirmed by Page Six that singer Seal is seeing his ex-assistant. The 58-year-old “Kiss from a Rose” singer was spotted last week in St. Tropez with Laura Strayer, a former employee from his time with ex-wife Heidi Klum in the 2000s.

The two appeared to be over heels in love as they strolled through the South of France hand in hand. A source tells us that in 2006, Strayer began working out of the family home of Seal and Klum. She was afterward spotted at the Barbara ice cream shop, feeding her beloved gelato.

It is unknown what Strayer does for a living at the moment, however, she is said to be involved in the music business in some capacity.

A source close to Klum pointed out to us that it is odd that Seal is seeing his former staff given that he publicly humiliated the supermodel for dating her ex-bodyguard Martin Kristen after they broke up in January 2012.

One member of Seal’s family told us, “I literally had no idea that Seal was dating Laura until I saw these images.” We want him to be happy, of course, but the fact that he’s seeing the maids after having such strong sentiments about Heidi and Martin dating is hilarious.

During an interview with TMZ in September 2012, Seal notoriously said, “I would have liked Heidi to show a little bit more class and at least wait until we parted first before deciding to fornicate with the staff, as it were.”

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Who is Seal dating now?

Who is Seal dating now?

We will keep this page updated with any new information we get about Seal’s rumored or confirmed romantic involvements, as he, like most celebrities, prefers to keep his private life, well, private.

Relationships for Seal: Heidi Klum was his ex-wife (2005 – 2014). At the very least, he’s been in ten previous relationships. When it comes to relationships, Seal is a virgin.

It has been reported that Seal has dated the following women: Erica Baxter (2015), Erin Cahill (2013), Tatjana Patitz (1997-2003), Tyra Banks (1996), Susannah Melvoin (1990-1991), Tamara Beckwith, and Delta Goodrem. We’re digging up details on past dates and hookups right now.

Dating rumors about Seals online seem to be inconsistent. Finding out who Seal is seeing at any one time is easy, but keeping track of all his flings, hookups, and breakups is a different story. Updating every single celebrity connection page and timeline is next to impossible.

Please let us know if you see any out-of-date claims or other content relating to Seal. And now Seal can say that he’s met Melissa Michaels (1995).

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In a heated argument from last year, Heidi’s ex-husband argued with her overtaking their kids to Germany during the lockdown.

In a heated argument from last year, Heidi's ex-husband argued with her overtaking their kids to Germany during the lockdown.

The German model’s ex-husband had objected to taking the kids to Europe to shoot Germany’s Next Top Model because of coronavirus concerns, so she asked the court to have a special hearing on the matter immediately.

Heidi stated in her statement that although the couple has joint custody, her ex-“time husband’s with our children is erratic at best,” and that the children spend the vast majority of their time with her.

Heidi was allowed to take all four of their children to Germany, and Seal was ‘entitled to increased time with the children’ once they returned. Heidi married 31-year-old musician Tom Kaulitz in 2019, while Seal is in an undisclosed relationship at the moment.

Heidi is a seasoned marital veteran, having already tied the knot twice before with fashion designer Ric Pipino (1997–2002) and a businessman.

Why We Adored Them:

Heidi and Seal often wowed us with extravagant displays of passion throughout their partnership. Seal raised the standard when he proposed to Heidi two days before Christmas atop a “secluded natural glacier” in Canada in an igloo he had constructed especially for the occasion.

After then, it became an exercise in outdoing one another. Heidi would sneak love letters into Seal’s bag before he left on tour or to promote a new record. Not to mention the fact that Klum planned eight weddings for them (each with a different theme on their anniversary) during their time together.

Heidi has previously described the habit by saying, “It’s very precious to us, something we enjoy and something our children have been accustomed to.” As in, “Hey, Mom and Dad adore each other and they get married every year!”

At Their High Point:

When Heidi and Seal performed a duet to “Wedding Day” during the 2007 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, it became an instant classic. The best part? Both their singing and their clothing were in perfect harmony. Heidi donned a strapless purple sequined minidress, and Seal went with a silver suit adorned with crystals.