Tyga And Avril Lavigne Was Shown Next to A Man Dressed as A Bed at Paris Fashion Week!

Tyga and Avril Lavigne have been showing off their new relationship at Paris Fashion Week. The new couple was recently spotted at a fashion show sitting next to a man dressed as a bed.

Paris Fashion Week has been going on for a few days in The City of Lights, and Tyga and his (seemingly) new girlfriend have been seen out and about. On March 8, a video of the new couple sitting in the front row at a fashion show went viral.

One of the people sitting next to them is dressed up as a bed, which is strange. In the 15-second clip below, Tyga, Avril, and the other people watching the fashion show watch the man who is wrapped in a comforter and a full pillow set.

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The man is Estonian rapper Tommy Cash. Even though the man is sitting up straight, his hair is stuck to the pillow, making it look like he is defying gravity. Cash also seems to be sleeping. He also had more props, it seems. In the short clip, he is also wearing a full face mask and later has cucumbers in his eyes.

tyga avril lavigne man dressed bed paris fashion week

Last month, Tyga and pop star Avril Lavigne was seen holding hands outside of a Los Angeles restaurant. This led to rumors that they were dating. The news was unexpected because Avril got engaged to singer Mod Sun in Paris last spring.

Avril and Mod were seen at the Pre-Grammy Gala together last month. Mod Sun seemed to confirm on Instagram last week that he and Avril had broken up. This week, Tyga and Avril said that they were dating after they were seen kissing at Paris Fashion Week.

Check Out the Video Below to See Tyga and Avril Lavigne Sitting Next to A Man Dressed in A Bed