Fitted Sheet Beach Hacks: This Fitted Beach Sheet and A Bucket Is This Mother’s Secret To A Sand-Free Beach Trip!

A parent on TikTok revealed a simple yet ingenious way to prevent sand from getting on your beach blanket.

TikTok user and mother Shannon Doherty (@athomewithshannon) posts helpful tips and creative projects for raising children. Shannon explained in a Recent Video how she avoids getting sand on her beach blanket. What’s the plan? Prepare a foot-washing area adjacent to your blanket.


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Shannon and her little child open the clip by playing on a beach. They have spread out a colorful sheet as a makeshift beach blanket and set a bucket of water nearby. To prepare their feet for the bucket, Shannon and her daughter wiggle their toes in the sand.

“As a mom of four, I love sharing the ideas and tactics that genuinely work for my family with you,” Shannon says in a voiceover. Get yourself a fitted sheet and a small bucket. Have a sand-free day!

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Shannon demonstrates how she creates a sand-free beach hangout by spreading a fitted sheet out on the sand and then propping up the sheet’s corners with beach bags. With the corners of the sheet upheld, sand is less likely to be kicked or blown into the bed.

Shannon then dumps a pail of water next to the sheet in the sand. Towel in hand, she places it on the sheet next to the bucket. Everyone in the household washes their feet in the bucket, dries them off with the towel, and then sits down on the sheet.

Finally, with clean feet, Shannon and her daughter sit on the sheet to continue their beach day.

Audience members praised Shannon’s tip and offered their own beach-related suggestions.

The sand will really melt off of you when you use baby powder. One beachgoer said on TikTok, “I never go to the beach without it.”

What a fantastic method! “It’s something I use constantly,” said one spectator.

Another TikToker remarked, “That is just the smartest beach hack I’ve ever seen.”

If you’re fed up with constantly replacing your sandy beach blanket, Shannon’s tip could be the solution you’ve been looking for.