Small Closet Hacks: 10 Amazing Closet Storage Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind!

Small Closet Hacks

It’s common knowledge that a tidy closet is a great way to kick off the day, but if yours is too small, getting dressed in the morning could be a major hassle. Though it may appear hard to fit all of your clothing, shoes, and accessories into your tiny closet, smart storage solutions can make all the difference. To your surprise, they need not cost a fortune.

From an over-the-door solution that just won a Good Housekeeping Storage Award to some ingenious methods to make use of the space at the bottom of your closet, we have compiled a list of essential items for organizing a small closet. Choose the closet organizers that best fit your needs and budget (you may want to declutter first) and get ready to make the most of your space.

1. Add Levels

Small Closet Hacks

Don’t assume a uniform degree of quality is required. Organize your closet by including some shelves and drawers in addition to the rods. You can save hanging space and make more room for other garments by folding jeans and sweaters on these.

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2. Shower Ring Hooks

Small Closet Hacks

Put your scarves and tank tops on display with this convenient closet organizer. Scarves and tank tops can be easily organized by hanging them from a plastic shower ring on a hanger. Hang the hanger where all your clothes will be easily visible.

3. Useful Soda Tabs For Hanging

Small Closet Hacks

Toss the tabs from your soda and put them to use in your dresser drawers. To double your hanging space, just slip one over the hook of a hanger and put the second hanger into the tab.

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4. Separators For Wine

Small Closet Hacks

Wait before recycling that cardboard wine divider. To solve the problem of your kid’s disorganized shoe collection, try this easy hack: place the separators inside a basket or a tub.

5. A Pegboard

Small Closet Hacks

Even if you already have pegboard installed in your garage or pantry, you might want to consider putting some in your bedroom’s closet as well. Make use of the wall by installing hooks to hang accessories like scarves and necklaces. Pegboard can also be mounted on the back of the wardrobe door.

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6. Make A Bookcase

Small Closet Hacks

An IKEA bookshelf can be used as a closet organizer, as demonstrated by this ingenious IKEA hack. If you need somewhere to keep your bags, shoes, and folded garments, try using many bookcases.

7. Add-On Clothes Rod

Add another clothes rod to make use of the empty space under the currently hanging garments. You can vary the height of the second rod by hanging it from the ceiling using a chain and S-hooks.

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8. Pair Of Wardrobe Racks

These double-shelf plans will help you construct closet shelves that can hold twice as much as a single shelf. Utilize the vertical space in your closet to its fullest and store twice as much.

9. Wire Shelf

Small Closet Hacks

Adding a pole for hanging clothing makes a wire shelf much more functional. You can use cable or zip ties to attach a curtain rod to the wall below a wire shelf. A cheap and easy solution to clutter.

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10. Containers With Names

Small Closet Hacks

Clearly organize seasonal products that you aren’t utilizing right now by placing them in bins with labels. Swap things out when the seasons change. Shoes, hats, backpacks, and socks are all excellent candidates for bins.

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