Litter Box Hacks: 5 Genius Litter Box Hacks You Should Try!

Litter Box Hacks

Truth be told. It’s never a pleasurable chore to clean the litter box. The longer you put off teaching your cat to use the litter box, the more probable it is that you will end up with a cat that refuses to do its business in the box.

That’s why we compiled these 27 tried-and-true methods for maintaining a clean litter box. These will make it much more pleasant for you and your feline buddy to clean the litter box.

Remember, we’re committed to providing you and your cats with a consistently clean, odor-free litter box. Since this is the case, a lot of the advice isn’t strictly about cleaning the litter box (though there is plenty of that, too). , but rather about ways to assist you in obtaining a box with a better odor without adjusting your cleaning routine!

We should just start doing it!

1. Start By Utilizing Disposable Liners

Litter Box Hacks

Using Disposable Litter Box Liners is a great time-saving trick for keeping a litter box clean. These liners keep the litter from touching the box, and if you choose liners with drawstrings, you can easily remove the litter from the box along with the liner. Unless your cat has scratched through the liner, there is no need to scrub the box, making cleanup much quicker and less labor intensive.

If you want your liners to do their job properly, you need to make sure they are a good fit for your box. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different brands until you discover one that meets your requirements; some may be thicker and more robust than others.

2. You Should Try Making Your Own Kitty Litter

Litter Box Hacks

Make your own litter if you’re sick of carrying large bags home from the supermarket. Used newspaper, dish soap, and baking soda can be fashioned into cat litter.

Always remember that generating your own litter isn’t really a time saver. There are several steps involved, and it will be several days before the litter is complete. However, instead of dealing with the hassle of carrying around heavy store-bought litter, you may recycle newspapers by producing your own.

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3. Put It In A Plastic Bag

Litter Box Hacks

Have you had enough of your cat spreading litter around the home despite your best efforts to trap it with mats? Our favorite tip overall is from the Animal Rescue Organization’s website. The first thing you’ll need is a large plastic storage tote large enough to hold your cat’s litter box and leave enough area in front of the box for your cat to pass through.

Making a gateway into the tote will require cutting out a sizable section of the container. The litter box should be placed inside the tote, and mats should be placed in the front to catch any stray litter. To collect any litter that may have spilled out of the tote, place a second mat outside the container.

The litter box can be contained within the tote, reducing the likelihood of litter tracking throughout the house. If your cat likes to rummage around in his litter box and scatter the litter over the room, this solution may work best for you.

Although litter boxes can be a hassle, it’s possible to find a system that works best for you with a little trial and error. To find the best litter for your cat and the most convenient box to clean, you may need to experiment with a few different options. If you do decide to make these adjustments, it is recommended that you do it gradually to avoid upsetting your cat.

When switching litters, for instance, you should start with a little amount of the new litter and gradually increase the amount as the old litter is used up. Cats are very fussy about their litter boxes, so it’s important to phase in any changes gradually. Your cat’s likelihood of adjusting to the adjustments will improve if you take this approach.

4. Attempt Store-Bought Wipes

Litter Box Hacks

If you despise the mess that comes with cleaning a litter box with a sponge, you should consider using some cleaning wipes instead. These wipes can be a less messy alternative, and there’s no need to bother about cleaning and storing a sponge after use.

If you decide to give wipes a try, it’s important to get scent-free wipes. You shouldn’t use a strongly scented cleanser on your cat’s litter box because most felines dislike the smell of citrus. Buying disposable wipes in bulk or from a dollar store can earn you a great discount.

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5. You Should Use A Metal Scoop

Litter Box Hacks

You should probably switch to a Metal Scoop if you’re tired of the litter clumping and getting trapped on it. Metal scoops are more sturdy and long-lasting than their plastic counterparts, and litter does not attach to them. While metal scoops will set you back more than their plastic counterparts, you will likely be pleased with your purchase each time you clean your cat’s litter box.

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