7 Cool Things to Do on Your Mac When Bored

If you’re bored, you can entertain yourself with a Mac, the laptop of a new era. Our article covers the top 7 most used tricks Mac users often forget about, but you won’t be one of them. 

Top 7 cool features you can’t miss when using Mac 

You must enjoy working on your Mac because it’s one of the handiest laptops in the market. It suits marketers, designers, developers, writers, and regular people who simply use their iOS devices for other work or personal purposes. 

However, not every user knows the tricks that make the work on the laptop easier and much funnier. This article will show you the top 7 tricks to learn if you’re a Mac user. These are easy hacks you can benefit from when working on playing on your laptop. Without further ado, let’s dive into the topic and show you the hidden secrets of your laptop. 

1. Easy Removing Setup 

Do you need to get rid of some apps that only take up space in the storage, but don’t bring any value? Then you should follow the steps and check out the easy way to delete unnecessary services. 

  • First of all, you should click on the Apple icon in the left top corner of your screen. 
  • You will find here About this Mac and then Storage Tab. Click on it and let’s move on. 
  • In the Manage section, you will find the list of apps implemented on your laptop and remove those you don’t need. 

What are some nice things to do on Mac when bored? This one will help you free the space for new, more useful tools. For example, you can download the best scanner app PDF to ease your working processes. With the scanner app, you don’t need to use a third-party tool. Everything is stored on your laptop. With the PDF scanner, it’s easy to cope with the papers firsthand. 

2.  Learn a foreign language with ease 

How often does it happen to you when you’re stuck with an unknown word from another language? If you scan docs and can’t understand the meaning of the text, you can easily define it. By double-clicking on the word, you will see a pop-up with the settings. Choose the defining option and see the correct translation of the word with different meanings, synonyms, and examples in a sentence. 

3.  Explore the world with your Mac 

What are some other cool things to do on a Mac when bored? You can check Google Maps and travel the world with your laptop. The maps can show you different setups. For example, users can look at the map in the Satellite, Terrain, Traffic, Transit, Biking, or Street View. The last one should be of the highest interest to you. 

If you turn on this mode, you can see real pictures, people, and buildings. If you plan to travel somewhere overseas, it’s the best tool to check the local area and make sure you like the choice of destination. 

4.  Master programming

You don’t only scan docs on your Mac. You can even learn to program. Your laptop can be a great free tool to help you master the basics of programming. And this is a massive, complex topic, so you won’t find yourself bored after a couple of hours. Check out what apps you can download to your laptop and practice code writing. It can be fun, or it can also help you earn more in the future. What to do on Mac? Try programming!

5.  Play with your Menu bar 

Did you know that you can have a scanning tool in your menu bar or add animations of animals? There are tons of ways you can transform your menu bar into something more useful and entertaining. If you work with the iPad scanner app, for example, every day, you might want to add it to the Menu Bar too. In this way, it will always be available with one click. 

6.  Check Apple ecosystem

If you have an iPhone or an iPad scanner app, for instance, it would be so beneficial to embrace the opportunities you can reach with these tools. Each product from the Apple line can interact with the others. If you have a scanning tool on an iPhone, you can integrate and synchronize the work on other devices too. 

7.  Play with Mac 

Mac is a perfect choice for work, but you can also use it for fun. There are tons of games to be downloaded and run on the device. You will enjoy how fast and responsive the game can be with this laptop. The market of online games is full, so you can pack your basket and enjoy a new release of your favorite game at home. 


Your Mac has plenty of useful features. If you dig deeper and research what tasks it can perform, you will ease your activity and enjoy how entertaining it can be. Is it worth buying a new Mac? The more you dig into the settings and options it has, the better you get at its feature set.