Top 8 Cybersecurity Tools To Protect Your iPhone Right Now

This article will help you find a tool to protect your iPhone from malware. You will uncover the top 8 useful services to secure private data on your device and prevent leakage.

How to protect your iPhone with top 8 antivirus tools 

Today you can notice a massive influx of attacks on phone users. If you have an iPhone, you must know how fragile the system could be. If you don’t want to lose your data or endanger bank details and personal data, it’s better to learn easy ways to secure the information on your device. 

How to protect your iPhone from various attacks? Unfortunately, checking your phone manually can be tedious, and it usually takes lots of time to carefully research the inside organization of the device. However, you don’t have to worry about your safety with the best apps for iPhone security. 

One of the most proven ways is to use a VeePN. By implementing VPN servers for Argentina, for example, you can resist certain attacks. Let’s click this link now to learn more. 

VeePN gives many opportunities to its users. You can review VeePN servers and see what level of protection they provide. 

Now let’s move to the nonetheless working tools that can prevent a hacking attack. They are easy to use, great for beginners, and won’t take much time to implement. 

1. Norton 360 

As the name says, Norton 360 can provide full protection for your digital assets. It’s an innovation in the area of antimalware tools. Not only can you get access to any content, but also protect your files from being damaged by a virus or other type of attack. Let’s see what advantages this tool has: 

  • You’ll benefit from real-time protection. Any attack that’s happening at the moment will be easily prevented. 
  • You can use a spam filter and make use of the VPN extension
  • Norton 360 also works as a data breach detector. 

One more important thing is that you can benefit from the 14-day trial version for free to check out the perks firsthand. 

2. McAfee

Let’s move to another reliable tool you can trust. With the perfectly integrated VPN for security, McAfee can help you fight the malware and prevent any further attacks. Packed with useful features, McAfee can ensure the safety of your data, both personal and external. You don’t have to worry about your private information being leaked. 

3. Total AV 

How to protect iPhone from different types of attacks? It’s always a real frustration to have your data lost due to a virus or other damage type. But total AV knows how to protect your device. It won’t slow down the speed of your phone. On the contrary, the tool can inspect if there are any data leaked to third parties. 

  • You can use an integrated VPN for security with the Total AV tool. 
  • There’s a handy data breach checker. 
  • As a user, you can try the device locator if needed even with a free trial version. 

Is it worth checking the Total AV anti-malware tool? Yes, if you want your device to respond quickly and ensure the safety of the data stored inside. 

4. ESET NOD 32 

You need a couple of clicks to start using the cloud-based platform and ensure the safety of your data. Your emails will now be secured, you can win from complete disk encryption. Moreover, your server will be protected. ESET NOD 32 offers a remote control option and an easy setup that even beginners can use. 

5. Avira

How to get access to any content without being hacked? You can now enjoy top-quality content on different servers by using the Avira tool. An all-rounded suite, this antimalware service can provide you with public Wi-Fi protection, a file backup feature, and a software updater. It’s one of the smartest iPhone security apps. 

6. Bitdefender

Bitdefender will provide you with a list of useful features. You no longer need to seek solutions to fight viruses and various types of malware. Bitdefender is a perfect tool to do the job. 

  • You will benefit from real-time malware detection. 
  • The tool is integrated with the handy VPN extension. 
  • It also includes a data breach checker. 

And one more benefit is the possibility to use a free version. Do you want to check how the suit works? You don’t need to pay until you try. The tool offers a free version available to everyone. 

7. Trend Micro

Here’s another fancy antivirus tool for iOS devices. Your files will be carefully protected, and any potential breaches prevented with the plenty of features available. Real-time robust protection with actionable insights is available even to free-version users. 

8. Surf Shark AV

With Surf Shark, you can benefit from the excellent VPN extension, manageable data breach monitoring, and a handy private search engine. As a user, you can also open a door to multiple simultaneous connections. 


Do you want to protect your iOS devices from various types of attacks? You now have 8 answers to your question. There are so many useful tools to try. Our article gathers the most well-reviewed services to help you prevent malware or data leakage on your iPhone.