Is It Safe To Watch Anime on 9Anime-Tv.Com?

Do you want to know which 9Anime is real or if the one you’re on is an official one? This post looks into the real 9Anime site and gathers its verified mirrors so that you can safely stream and download anime. 9Anime is one of the most popular places to watch anime online.

It has a huge selection of anime series and movies and makes it easy to watch high-quality anime online. But if we look on the Internet, we can see that there are many anime sites with interfaces and domains that are very similar to the real 9Anime site.

This makes it hard to tell which 9Anime site is real. In fact, using the search filter in your browser is not a good way to tell the real site from the many fakes, since most official 9Anime links have been taken down from search results pages because of copyright claims.

So, what is the real 9Anime site, and how do I get there?

What is 9Anime?


9anime is a site where you can stream anime and watch it online for free in HD with English subtitles or dubbing. Also, you can download any anime you want without having to sign up or pay. Nothing costs anything!

Is It Safe To Use?

Yes. We made this site to improve the user experience (UX), and we are committed to keeping our users safe. We ask all of our users to tell us if they see anything that seems odd. Please understand that we have to have ads on the site to keep it going.

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What is 9Anime Really?

There are many sites that look like 9anime but aren’t. Your information might be taken without your permission by these sites. Please use or one of the mirrors on our subreddit (check here).

Why is 9Anime?To The Best Place to Watch Anime Online for Free?



  • Content Library

When kisanime was around, we were only a few hundred old animes behind it. Every hour, we’ve been adding both new and old anime to our library. Here, you can find almost anything. After kissanime shut down, we became the biggest online anime library.

  • Streaming experience

We have the best streaming servers on the market. You can choose the one that moves quickly for you.

  • Quality/Resolution

All of our video files have been encoded with the highest resolution possible. We also have a quality setting that lets all users, no matter how fast their internet is, enjoy streaming.

  • Updates

Our content is updated every hour, and most of the work is done automatically, so you’ll get the latest information as quickly as possible.

  • User Interface

We focus on making things easy to use and simple, so you’ll feel like life is easier here. We also have almost all of the same features as other sites that stream anime, but not the opposite.

  • Device Compatibility

9anime works well on both desktop and mobile devices, even with older browsers, so you can watch anime wherever you want.

Does 9Anime Have An App For Apple or Google?

There is no official app for iOS or Android from 9anime. Any app with the name “9anime” on it has nothing to do with us, doesn’t offer the same content or service, and is probably trying to steal your information. Please use any normal web browser you have for the best experience and the safest way to browse.