Is Daisy from Coronation Street Pregnant in Real Life? Separating Fiction from Reality!!

Is Daisy from Coronation Street Pregnant in Real Life? Charlotte Jordan, the actress who was also in Netflix’s Free Rein, is currently acting as Daisy Midgeley in the show Coronation Street. Daisy is a character that was made up for the show and showed up in 2020. 

At first, Daisy’s story is about her getting mixed up with Ryan O’Connor and Ronnie Bailey, which makes things complicated. Later, she has trouble with someone named Justin Rutherford who is bothering her.

This Justin guy wants to hurt Daisy with acid, but Ryan ends up getting hurt instead. Now, the story is about Daisy and Ryan becoming better friends as she helps him get better.

The actress who plays Daisy, Charlotte Jordan, hinted that the character hasn’t changed her mind about things, but she really cares about Ryan. Fans are wondering if Charlotte Jordan, the actress, is pregnant in real life. We’ll see if Daisy from Coronation Street is going to be a mom or not.

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Is Daisy from Coronation Street Pregnant in Real Life? Exploring the Rumors and Speculations Surrounding the Pregnancy!!

is daisy from coronation street pregnant in real life

No, Daisy from Coronation Street is not Pregnant in Real Life. We don’t know if Daisy from Coronation Street is going to have a baby in real life. The actress who plays Daisy is Charlotte Jordan. She hasn’t said anything about being pregnant.

In the show, Daisy has caused a lot of problems and had some tough times. But in real life, it seems like Charlotte Jordan isn’t going to have a baby. She’s just concentrating on her life with her boyfriend and their pet.

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Meet the Man in Charlotte Jordan’s Life: Who Is Charlotte Jordan’s Boyfriend?

is daisy from coronation street pregnant in real life

Daisy, the character played by Charlotte Jordan, is busy getting ready for her wedding to Daniel, played by Rob Mallard, on the TV show. But there’s a guy named Justin who is acting really strange. 

He first acted friendly, but now he’s following Daisy and believes she wants to be with him. Things are getting worse, and there’s going to be a scary part where Justin tries to hurt Daisy with acid.

Luckily, in real life, Charlotte Jordan, the actress who plays Daisy, has a much calmer love life. She’s been dating her boyfriend Paul for a long time. They share cute pictures from their vacations and also post photos of themselves with their cute dog.

Paul even had a role in the TV show too, and his family loves the show a lot. They’ve been watching it for a long time, even before Daisy was on the show.

Once, during the Covid lockdown when they needed to film a scene with Daisy touching Ryan’s thigh, Paul stepped in for Ryan. Even though he’s not an actor, he helped out because of the social distancing rules. That’s the scene you see on screen.

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Charlotte Jordan talked about this in an interview with The Sun and said: 

“They roped my boyfriend in because we’re shooting socially distanced. He’s not an actor but he grew up watching Coronation Street.”

“It was really fun just to see his little face when he looked at all the sets and stuff. It was very sweet. It was lovely.”

Charlotte shared that Paul’s family really loves the TV show. She tells everyone that she tells them some secrets about what’s happening in the show, even though she’s not supposed to. She does this to make them like her more. She said:

“They’re always asking what’s coming and what’s going on and where a story is going. I know I’m not supposed to tell them, but I really want to be their favorite, so I’m doing it. You like Daisy. They think she’s fun. They like a character that’s a little salty.”