Who Is Anthony Edwards? Who Is He Dating? Is He Cheating On His Girlfriend?

American professional basketball player Anthony Edwards competes for the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves. Edwards, who was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 5, 2001, initially played football up to the age of ten before switching to basketball. Edwards went to the Holy Spirit Preparatory School in Atlanta, where he established himself as a top 2019 recruit and undisputed five-star player.

At the senior level, the 20-year-old won first-team USA Today All-USA and McDonald’s All-American honors. During his first season on the college squad, he was also recognized as the SEC Freshman of the Year. He had up to 19.1 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 2.8 assists in his debut season. Edwards ultimately reached the finals for the Jerry West Award, which is given to the top collegiate shooting guard, as both the team’s and the nation’s leading scorer.

Edwards, who is already a star at the age of 20, will need to play for many more seasons with the same consistency and approach if he wants to achieve the status of a league superstar. With that said, tell us more about Anthony Edwards’s friendship with Jeanine Robel.

Who Is Anthony Edwards Dating?

who is anthony edwards dating

One of the league’s most promising prospects right now is Anthony Edwards. Many people are curious about the young celebrity’s current romantic status given all the attention he is receiving. According to rumors, Edwards is currently dating Jeanine Robel. Currently, there isn’t a lot of information accessible regarding their relationship.

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Anthony Edwards Motivation Before The Big Game

That’s exactly what happened on Saturday night, as Edwards took care of business and decimated the Rockets with his forceful dunks and various scoring options on the youthful club. When questioned about what drove him to exert so much effort against Houston, he replied that he was inspired by his girlfriend’s impending birthday and wanted to surprise her.

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The player’s motivation to do well was greatly influenced by Edwards’ relationship with Jeanine Robel. Additionally, he helped his team reach the .500 threshold, maintaining their prospects of once again making the playoffs. In the Western Conference, the Timberwolves are currently ranked seventh.

On Monday, they play the Rockets again, and Edwards is looking for another strong effort to lift his team past the .500 level and provide another strong game for his beloved.

Did Anthony Edwards Cheat On His Girlfriend?

When any NBA stars cheat on their spouses or girlfriends, it becomes one of the most talked-about elements of their private life. Ime Udoka was suspended for a year because he was unable to control himself, and Shaquille O’Neal has admitted to doing it, but those are by no means the only incidents of this kind. Following Anthony Edwards’ Twitter rebuke by an Instagram model, it appears that a younger celebrity may also be engaging in the same vices.

Although it is customary for NBA players to interact with models or fly them around, if this call-out is genuine, it would be nasty since Edwards is already in a relationship. Jeanine Robel is Anthony Edwards’ girlfriend, but he was trying to take a picture with Sophia Eze Nwanyi Ifeoma, also known as Sophia Da Stallion, for Instagram. Fans were very vocal about this, too.

There isn’t any concrete proof to hold Edwards responsible because Sophia didn’t include any screenshots or any supporting documentation when she published the post. But that doesn’t stop the fans, and while some defended Ant, others were quick to troll him.