Kids Typing Games: The 6 Best Free Typing Games For Kids! [Top Free]

Kids Typing Games

Kids today need to know how to type because it is so important in today’s technological environment. Typing is a valuable skill to have, but practicing your fingers on the keyboard doesn’t have to seem like work when you use the many entertaining resources available online. Here are 10 games that are appropriate for kids of all ages and skill levels to play to get their fingers working on the keyboard.

1. Dance Mat Typing

Kids Typing Games

Children can use Dance Mat to become familiar with the keyboard’s various keys. Young typists learn the basics of the keyboard by getting to know the “home row” keys in the first lesson (A, S, D, F, G, H, J, K, L). Kids learn the keys above and below the home row with the help of some animal buddies in the second and third levels. Claudette the Cat teaches you how to type the last level’s specialized characters, including the apostrophe, slash, and period, as well as the addition of X and Z. Learning the correct hand placement on the keyboard is an important ability to instill in young children before they develop entrenched, difficult-to-break habits, and this game will do just that.

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2. The Typing Of The Ghosts

Kids Typing Games

This game will help your older child who can already type fairly quickly but would like to speed up his pace. In The Typing of the Ghosts, you have to race against the clock to type the on-screen words before the ghosts in the background catch up to you. There are five total lives you can use, but if you’re not quick enough, each ghost can take one away. Children should be warned that this game could be frightening to them. You should probably verify that it works by trying it out on your own.

Play The Typing Of The Ghosts Now

3. Type-a-Balloon

Kids Typing Games

The objective of this game is straightforward: pop the balloons before they float away. Your child will need to type the letter that appears on the balloon. You start with five lives, and you’ll lose one for every stray balloon. If you make a typo while typing, your score will drop. Everybody, from kids to their parents, can benefit from playing this game to hone their keyboarding abilities.

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4. Keyboard Climber 2

Kids Typing Games

Oh no! A monkey has become trapped in the cave’s dungeon. By recognizing the on-screen letters, children can aid the monkey in its quest to reach higher rock platforms in this game. In this typing game for youngsters, the monkey receives a handful of bananas for every letter typed properly. If they make a mistake, the monkey will get coconut on the head and they’ll have to start the level over. With minimal pressure to complete levels quickly, this game is ideal for teaching the alphabet to young children.

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5. KeyMan

Kids Typing Games

Think you can recall the game Pac-Man? The idea behind it was used to inspire this typing game. Control Key-Man as he navigates the maze in search of dots to eat and avoid being eaten by the many colored ghosts. Key-Man may be moved around by clicking on the many letters that show above, below, and to the sides of him instead of using the arrow keys. The hitch is that the letter-navigation keys shuffle around every time you make a motion. Children won’t even notice they’re learning to type faster and more accurately while playing this retro-styled instructional game.

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6. Keyboard Ninja

Kids Typing Games

This kid needs to borrow your iPad. Redirect her attention to Fruit Ninja on your computer. It’s just Typing Ninja instead. This game requires you to “slice” fruit by entering the letter you see on it. Chopping through the letters is easy, but you’ll need to avoid the bombs or you’ll lose a life. Several modes and levels of challenge are available.

Play Keyboard Ninja Now

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