Money Man Claims He Doesn’t Require Protection Because He Exercises Daily and Practices Shooting At The Range!

Money Man was questioned about his health and safety in a video interview with Montreality, which debuted on their YouTube channel last Wednesday (March 22). The rapper from Cleveland said he doesn’t need security because his daily schedule keeps him alert and busy. Money’s daily routine is to run 10 miles and then go to the gun range and shoot for four or five hours.

At the 7:06 mark in the video below, he says, “Routine makes you, um, it makes it kind of makes perfect so if you if you train them for something you do it every day you’re gonna become elite at it,” “So my routine every day is wake up run 10 miles then I go shoot for four or five hours.”

Then I go back to my room, where I record every day,” he said. “So I try and keep that routine. I turned out shows just to keep my routine going.”

“I don’t like having security like grown men having to secure me,” he said. “So I’m gonna make sure I’m on point at all times I work on my senses all kind s**t like that.”

That’s a fun way to do things. We can only hope that 6ix9ine is listening.

In his interview, Money Man doesn’t say why he was wearing a pink furry ski mask.

Fans on social media still don’t believe that the 37-year-old rapper doesn’t have security or run 10 miles every day.

One fan tweeted, “I feel like in the times where rappers are getting shot & robbed it’s very irresponsible for Money Man to say he doesn’t have security,”

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“I fux wit money man but that’s the cap. Maybe he runs a few miles and hits the range for a few hours but if what he saying is true then when does he have time to make money moves[?]” asked someone else.

A third person wrote, “Money man said he wakes up & runs 10 miles every day. You in the wrong profession my boy.”

Money Man is putting money into his health, whether you believe him or not.

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Check Out The Interview Between Money Man and Montreality Below: