How to Prepare the Thanksgiving Turkeys from Popeyes.!

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Prepare the Thanksgiving Turkeys from Popeyes

Thanksgiving is almost approaching, which also means that the dreaded meal preparation is approaching as well. Popeyes’ Thanksgiving turkeys are fortunately available to ease your burden.

You’ll be overjoyed to learn that Popeye’s is offering to deliver a turkey to your home this year if you enjoy them as much as Little Nicky does. When they start delivering their cajun-flavored turkeys, Walmart’s night-before turkey fights will come to an end.

Although it might cost a bit more than you’d typically pay, we believe it’s worth it for a simple existence.

How to Order Popeyes’ Thanksgiving Turkey

It’s as easy as visiting their website and placing an order for delivery to your home to obtain one of their turkeys.

The turkeys will start shipping on October 24 after pre-orders went up on October 18. You’ll have plenty of time before the big day since delivery should only take a couple of business days.

Thanksgiving just doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving without the stress of the turkey…

All you need to do is make sure your freezer has room for the turkey and remember to keep it there.

Prepare the Thanksgiving Turkeys from Popeyes

This year, ordering a Popeyes Thanksgiving turkey couldn’t be simpler than it was in years past when you had to call or visit your neighborhood location. With the ability to order online, you no longer even need to leave your home to find out if a turkey has been reserved for you.

You can still stop by the store if you’d prefer if your yearly trip to Popeyes is a Thanksgiving tradition (or you’re just a little peckish).

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How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of ordering online is higher than it would be if you placed your order in-store. The turkey, which serves up to 12, cost $39.99 last year. But this year, the cost of in-store orders has increased to $49.99, and that price is without any sides.

If you believe it to be too expensive for you, getting one online is also not going to be an alternative. Although delivery is included in the cost, sales tax is not included in the $94.99 price that you’ll pay. So, your turkey will cost you more than $100.

Prepare the Thanksgiving Turkeys from Popeyes

The recent bird flu, which has killed an astounding 6 million turkeys this year, is to blame for the unexpected price change. You haven’t seen anything yet if you thought getting a turkey was difficult in prior years.

Maybe the price you pay to ensure you have a good time on Thanksgiving is paying more for a guaranteed turkey delivered to your home rather than taking a chance on missing out on one.

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How Do You Prepare the Turkey?

Fortunately, the higher cost results in less effort for you. All of the work will already have been done because your turkey will arrive marinated and roasted.

Your turkey will only need to be thawed, heated to the perfect temperature, and served with plenty of gravy.

Prepare the Thanksgiving Turkeys from Popeyes

It’s no longer necessary to poke your hand in awkward situations or wait until Christmas to get rid of the lingering smell of meat. Just be sure to remember to remove it from the freezer. The Thanksgiving turkey should not be frozen.

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