How to Hide Apps on Android Tablets and Smartphones?

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how to hide apps on android

Don’t feel obligated to share every app you use with someone just because you’ve temporarily given them access to your phone. Because of this, several manufacturers of Android smartphones offer the option to conceal apps.

To properly hide the apps, you must, however, be aware of the correct steps. Don’t worry; we’ll give a step-by-step tutorial to help you keep some Android apps hidden. Let’s look at the justifications for hiding Android apps before moving on to the main portion.

Why Should You Hide Apps on Android?

how to hide apps on android

People frequently desire to hide their apps for the following motives:

You can have sensitive and private photos and papers that you don’t want others to see.

Anybody with access to your smartphone may be able to access your financial apps.

Because you frequently have to share your phone with kids, it’s possible that some of the apps on it aren’t appropriate for kids.

You might want to keep your private concerns secret from the public for these and other reasons. Because of this, you can use any of the ways listed below, depending on the brand of your smartphone, to conceal Android apps.

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How to Hide Apps on Samsung Android Phones?

  • Navigate to your phone’s app drawer.
  • Tap the three-dot menu when you find it.
  • Select Settings and then the option for hiding Apps.
  • Choose each app you wish to hide one at a time right now.
  • Tap Done once you’ve finished making your choice.

How to Hide Apps on One Plus Android Phones?

  • Check out the app drawer.
  • Screen right-click to start.
  • The Hidden Space folder is available for access.
  • A Plus icon can be found in the top-right corner. Tap it.
  • Now select every app you wish to store in the concealed area.
  • To complete your choice, hit the checkmark at the bottom.
  • A general illustration is How to Hide Apps on Android.

How to Hide Apps on LG Phones?

You may conceal apps using two alternative techniques if you have an LG Android smartphone. There are two: one for phones with an app drawer and one for those without one.

  1. App Drawer Enabled: Hiding of Apps
  2. the app drawer on your LG smartphone.
  3. In the top right corner, click the three dots button.
  4. The apps you don’t want anybody else to see can be hidden by selecting the Hide apps option.
  5. To finish the action, tap Apply.
  6. App Drawer Disabled – Hide Apps
  7. Long-press it while it’s on your smartphone’s home screen.
  8. Select the Home screen options.
  9. To hide apps, select them from the list by tapping Hide apps.
  10. To hide the apps, click Apply when finished.

Use an App Hiding App for Non-System Apps

It is typically impossible to disable apps that you download from the Google Play Store or other sources and don’t come pre-installed on your smartphone. A little more work is required to hide certain programs. To complete it, you’ll need a third-party app.

how to hide apps on android

There are many different types of third-party app-hiding apps available. Some apps conceal software under a folder that is covered up by another app, like Calculator Vault on the Google Play Store. This cloaking app is occasionally fully functional and other times it’s merely a dummy app. The theory is that anyone searching for the apps you’re trying to hide is unlikely to delve much deeper than the surface.

Other applications, such as Apex Launcher from the Google Play Store, totally restyle your device’s interface and provide password-protected secure folders where you can store the apps you desire to keep private.

how to hide apps on android

Or there are app vaults that don’t try to hide the fact that they are hiding apps, known as non-hiding app vaults. The vault is accessible to everyone who accesses your phone, but you set up a pin code to access whatever is kept there.

App hiders are an excellent technique to protect apps that you don’t want other people to use. Just spend some time looking through a couple of them before deciding which one to employ, since each will have various features and functional requirements.

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The Conclusion

Our daily lives now cannot function without an Android or any other smartphone. You can increase security by hiding some apps since we save private and sensitive data and files on them. Here, we go through why and how to hide apps on Android.

We only added the app hiding techniques for the most well-known and well-known Android brands because there are many different brands available. If you adhere to them, your data will be protected from prying eyes and unlawful access.

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