How to Reset Your Notes Password on an iPhone if You’ve Forgotten it!

A fantastic feature of the Notes app for the iPhone and iPad is the ability to lock your notes with passwords or biometrics to keep them secret. You may protect the Notes from unauthorized access with this.

However, losing your password could cause problems because it will prevent you from accessing the notes. In that situation, not even Apple will be able to assist you in unlocking the protected content.

How to Reset the iPhone Notes Password

Notes do offer a hint if you input the erroneous password. However, it only functions if you set a powerful hint while configuring the Notes password. Don’t worry, though. You can learn how to reset your Notes password in this blog.

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How to Reset the iPhone Notes Password

These instructions make it simple to reset the Notes password on an iPhone, regardless of whether biometric authentication is activated or not. Before beginning, have your Apple password close at hand.

  • Enter the iPhone’s Settings.

How to Reset Your Notes Password on an iPhone if You've Forgotten it!

  • To choose a password, tap Notes.
  • Then select Reset Password.
  • When prompted, enter your Apple ID password and select OK.
  • When prompted, tap the Reset Password option to indicate that you want to reset the password.
  • Enter the new password on the Set Password screen. The Verify area requires you to enter the same password once more.
  • Add a password hint as well so you can remember it later.
  • To finish resetting your password, tap Done.

Now that you’ve successfully changed the Notes password, you can use this password to access any future notes you write.

As a result, you must take care and include a strong password hint to stop it from forgetting. Enable biometric unlocking (Touch ID or Face ID) as a backup method as well if you want to maintain access to the information in your notes.

How to Reset the iPhone Notes Password

It is now possible that you will remember your previous password and be able to access your old notes using it in the future. If so, a request to update your password will appear. You’ll be given the choice to change every Notes password using the old password.

Select Update to apply the new password to all notes, both locked and unlocked. You could also want to select No in order to keep using the previous password for the older notes.

Is It Possible to Change Notes Password If You Don’t Know It?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your Notes password unless you are aware of the current password.

Users can still use Touch ID or Face ID to access the Notes app if they have enabled biometric authentication in their device’s settings. The information can then be transferred to a new note and moved.

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As a Notes user, you get the necessary level of protection from your friends and family’s prying eyes. You could, however, need to change the password for an outdated one.

You have now mastered the art of resetting your iPhone’s Notes password after reading this blog. Any of these Apple devices can now be owned and used with Notes without any issues.

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