Balenciaga Was Called “Disturbing” by Critics. Publicity for Michael Borreman’s Book.!

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Balenciaga Was Called "Disturbing" by Critics

clothing store criticized for one of its advertisements is Balenciaga. once more, following the discovery of a book containing “sinister” artwork by controversial artist Michael Borremans in the advertisement by sharp-eyed Twitter users.

Only a few days prior, the business had removed another advertisement due to online criticism. Following a barrage of complaints regarding pictures of young girls hugging teddy bears dressed in bondage gear, Balenciaga issued an apology statement in which it stated that it “strongly denounced the exploitation of children in any form.”

However, the fashion business is facing new criticism after another advertisement was criticized online.

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Balenciaga’s ad features Michael Borremans book Fire From The Sun

The advertisement, which debuted this week on the brand’s Instagram, appears to be regular at first glance, but astute internet users noticed it also included a contentious book.

A red-haired woman with stylish Balenciaga apparel is pictured in the image sitting in an office chair with her feet resting on an untidy desk.

On the table, a stack of books includes a copy of Michael Borremans’ Fire From The Sun.

The David Zwirner Gallery defined the artwork in Fire From The Sun as having “toddlers engaging in a fun but intriguing behaviors with menacing connotations and insinuations of violence” in its introduction.

Belgian painter and director Borremans, 59, resides in Ghent. His painting style is influenced by the works of Edouard Manet and Edgar Degas as well as the art of the 18th century.

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Twitter users slam ‘disturbing’ ad

On Twitter, the advertisement has received a deluge of criticism, with one user writing: “So frightening.”

Balenciaga has a history of craving attention, but is this the appropriate kind of attention they need? So strange,” a different user tweeted.

These ‘paintings,’ according to a third commenter, are horrifying. Being a mother, I find the idea of having babies in such a scenario repulsive.

Another tweeted, “This is extremely sinister.”

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Balenciaga shared the picture with the book in the backdrop shortly after the fashion brand removed an advertisement showing young girls holding BDSM teddy bears.

The business posted on Instagram, saying, “We deeply regret any offense our holiday marketing may have caused. “This campaign shouldn’t have included images of our plush bear bags with kids in them.”

Balenciaga also threatened legal action against “those responsible” in the statement.

“We are sorry that our campaign displayed disturbing documents. We are initiating legal action against the individuals who built the set and added the unauthorized elements for our Spring 23 campaign photo shoot since we take this issue very seriously.

“We vehemently condemn the abuse of minors in any manner,” the statement’s conclusion read. We advocate for the protection and welfare of children.

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