Bts’s Jin Flaunts His New Buzz Cut Before He Enlists in The Military!

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The public is smitten with JIn’s new buzz cut after the BTS member shared a photo of it before enlisting in the military.

The band has currently taken a break and will resume when its members have completed their required military service. Jin, who is the oldest, will report for duty first.

It is not yet known which team member will receive military training next. However, Jin’s most recent picture has undoubtedly had people talking.


Jin Shows Off a New Buzzcut

Jin debuted his new buzz cut on Reverse on December 11. He wrote, “Hehehehehe it’s cuter than I thought,” as the caption for the picture.

People were quick to comment on the picture, so it didn’t take long for it to become popular. Additionally, some fans posted the image on Twitter and TikTok at the same time.

Fans of the musician thought his new haircut made him look fantastic, and people were quick to agree.

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Fans react to Jin’s photo


When it came to discussing Jin’s photo, fans could not contain themselves. “Jin is sexy with his buzzcut,” one user commented.

Another person commented: “Are people shocked that Jin looks gorgeous with a buzzcut? You’ve seen his face, right? Imagine the serious expression in his eyes with this hairstyle.

One fan joked, “Jin would slay blonde, pink, or green if the military allowed you to tint your buzzcut.”

While this was going on, some were reminded that the musician would soon be leaving for his second tour of duty in the military, and soon after, sentimental tweets started to circulate.

I just noticed Jin with a buzzcut, and gosh, he really is joining the military. See you in 25 Kings,” one supporter wrote. Another person said, “Buzzcut Jin is going to be my strength for this week’s final. I won’t go through a reverse announcement tomorrow because I’m worried I won’t survive.

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When Is His Enlistment?

On December 13, Jin will enlist in the military. The news was officially verified a few months ago.

On the day of his enlistment, Big Hit Entertainment asked that supporters refrain from going to the training facility.

“We want to thank you for continuing to support BTS and would like to update you on Jin’s impending enlistment in the military,” the statement stated. By joining the army, Jin will serve the necessary amount of time in the military. Please be aware that on the day of his recruitment, there will be no official events.

“Only military members and their families are permitted to attend the entrance ceremony. We kindly encourage fans not to visit the place in order to avoid any problems that could arise from congestion. Instead, we kindly ask that you hold your kind words of encouragement and goodbye in your hearts.

We also caution you against suffering consequences from purchasing unauthorized tours or product bundles using stolen artist IP. If any attempts are made to engage in commercial activity that makes unlawful use of such IP, our company will take the necessary action. Jin needs your unwavering love and support till he completes his military service and returns. Our organization will work to give him all the assistance he requires at this time. I’m grateful.

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