Home Depot’s T27 Christmas tree has TikTok users rushing to their local store

Christmas tree has TikTok users rushing to their local store

Even though it’s about a month till Christmas, TikToku users can’t wait to buy Home Depot’s T27 tree, which is taking over social media in all its splendor.

Thanksgiving will be on November 24 in 2022, which will probably have an impact on the opening and closing times of several stores.

The T27 Christmas tree is swiftly selling out, as many TikTok users have noted, and those who are unlucky are scrambling to get to their nearest Home Depot location as soon as possible to buy one for themselves.

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TikTok is Obsessed with the T27 Christmas tree

The T27 Christmas tree has a lot of amazing characteristics, which explains why people are so obsessed with it.

The Grand Duchess Balsam Fir Christmas Tree, albeit it is a T27 model, is 7.5 feet tall.

The most talked-about aspect of this fake tree is its pre-installed LED lighting. The 2,250 color-changing LEDs with 10 functions, according to the product description on the website, generate a cozy and jovial glow.

Additionally, you can control the lights on the Christmas tree using free remote control software that is included with it.

The cost of the T27 Christmas tree is $349. The same model is also available in a 9-foot size. The cost of that is $499.

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You Can Add More Decorations to It

Despite the artificial tree’s ready-to-display decorations, you may still adorn it with more ornaments thanks to its 3,271 branch tips. According to the description, it has “thick foliage to hold your heirloom decorations.”

Users of TikTok are just enthralled by its features and elegance.

“I’ve never seen a tree so gorgeous that it didn’t require ornaments on it,” one of them remarked. Wow”

Even though I don’t need another tree, I could now. What harm can a sixth tree do?” added another.

Another person commented: “I really want this. If only I had the money for it.

Christmas tree has TikTok users rushing to their local store

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Is Home Depot on Thanksgiving 2022?

The Home Depot stores won’t be open on Thanksgiving Day, which falls on a Thursday in 2022. So, if you’re hoping to find the T27 Christmas tree, you’ll have to wait till Friday.

The majority of retailers will be open on Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving, from 6 am to 10 pm.

The same has already begun selling. You can learn more about all the deals and discounts for Black Friday 2022 by going to the official website, which is located HERE.


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